Rock River Arms X-Series LAR-458
The Rock River Arms X-Series LAR-458

Crossover breeds and hybrid rifles are becoming more and more common as manufacturers look to build that perfect mix fit for every kind of shooter, from hunting to competition and everything in between.

Rock River Arms has combined two of its rifles — the R3 and the Fred Eichler — to create a new series of hybrid rifles known as the X-Series.

The X-Series includes four models:

  • LAR-15 (MSRP between $1450-1500)
  • LAR-8 (MSRP between $1800-1850)
  • LAR-6.8 (MSRP between $1550-1600)
  • LAR-458 (MSRP between $1550-1600)

The X-Series features Rock River Arms’ new custom muzzle brakes, the RRA Beast or Hunter, which are directionally tuned and ported. The RRA Beast and Hunter muzzle brakes both direct recoil back and down slightly, which significantly reduces muzzle climb and recoil, allowing the user to reacquire the target quickly.

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The X-Series is equipped with 18-inch bead blasted stainless steel fluted barrels that are cryogenically treated.

Rock River Arms’ new TRO-XL (Top Rail Octagonal – 15 inch) free-float full-length handguard provides full versatility by encompassing a variety of competitive shooting and hunting styles. The ventilated designs of the handguard are not only functional, but dissipate heat and are easy to clean.

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The forged A4 upper receiver allows attachments for scopes, red dot sights or other optics. The rifles are standard with the RRA two-stage trigger and RRA winter trigger guard, which accommodate hunting, winter or competition gloves.

The X-Series buttstock options are the Operator A2 or the Operator CAR, both are available in in black or tan.

The Hogue grips are found on all the X-Series rifles and come in choices of black or tan.

Calibers available are: 6.8, .223, .308 and .458 SOCOM. The rifles come with one magazine, a Rock River hard case, anowner’s manual and limited lifetime warranty.

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