-Hidden small arms pouch.

-4 exterior medical pouches with two grab handles, two D-ring hooks for optional shoulder strap.

-Quick center zipper exposing interior ballistic vest

– Adjustable straps, rifle butt stop and hidden LED lights in shoulders


One can carry this gym like a duffel bag and in less than 10 seconds, unzip, pull out the interior (In this case, Level II ballistic vest) and their ready to rock-n-roll. Cool LED lights are stitched into each shoulder so in a low light situation the operator just slaps their shoulder and it turns on pointing in the direction of the extended arm holding a gun.

An additional hidden front pouch is large enough to house a full size sidearm two clips and small first aid kit. The duffel bag can either be used as a backpack to carry additional items or it can be compressed and zipped closed.For more information click over to or email [email protected]

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-Hidden small arms pouch. -4 exterior medical pouches with two grab handles, two D-ring…