The addition of the SureFire muzzle brake and suppressor made the carbine a pleasure to shoot.

Don’t mess with success” is an oft-quoted phrase and generally very good advice. Nonetheless, can you take a good thing and make it better? Should you try? I suppose it depends on your needs and desires. Factory stock firearms are built to appeal to the largest audience. An enhancement or modification that may seem important to you may be seen as meaningless to others.

Complementing the oversized triggerguard was the Hogue pistol grip with finger grooves.

Regarding firearms, there are myriad missions for which we purchase them. Hunting, competition shooting, personal defense, recreational shooting, military and law enforcement applications all come to mind. Not every rifle can be a perfect fit for every application. Sometimes it’s best to begin with a solid foundation and upgrade or enhance it accordingly.

The Rock River Arms (RRA) Tactical CAR A4 5.56mm carbine is just about ideal for law enforcement applications, be they for tactical teams or simply as a reliable patrol carbine. The CAR A4 is built upon RRA’s high-quality upper and lower receivers. A 16-inch Chrome Moly barrel with 1-in-9-inch rifling is used and capped with a NATO Spec A2 flash hider. The operating system is semi-automatic, direct gas-impingement. A genuine 5.56mm chamber is used.

Tactical Response Gear offers a made in U.S.A. aluminum rail. It installs easily and is a high-quality piece.

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The addition of the SureFire muzzle brake and suppressor made the carbine a pleasure…