Ruger LCRx
Ruger LCRx

The new Ruger LCRx adds an exposed hammer to the popular LCR revolver design, allowing for single-action (SA) use.

According to David Bahde, “carrying the Ruger LCRx was pleasant, as it is incredibly light. Even loaded it is easy to forget it is there. Fitting nicely in a bag, in an ankle holster or in a hip holster, it is very comfy to carry. For many who advocate appendix carry, revolvers are excellent, and the LCRx would fit that niche nicely. Recoil was what you would expect in a small revolver, although the Hogue grips help quite a bit. Accuracy was also as expected, with SA improving it some.”

CLICK HERE to see more of Bahde’s preview, and keep an eye out for a complete review in a future issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS with details on its accuracy and reliability.

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