Ruger has been known for many things, including reliability, ruggedness, simplicity and affordability. The company’s move into the black rifle world with the SR-556 met those requirements, with the AR0556 bringing that reputation to the masses in an affordable package suitable for just about any use. So when I was invited to a media event where the company’s new Precision Rifle would be introduced, I was excited.

While many Ruger rifles are plenty accurate, they have never really embraced the precision market. Any trepidation was immediately dispelled once I handled the new Ruger Precision Rifle. I spent three days shooting it out to 1,200 yards, and I am absolutely impressed.

Ruger started with the Ruger American bolt action and built everything else around it. The Precision Rifle uses the proven SR-25 and AICS magazines. Either will work—same mag well, same magazine release. The rifle is also compatible with AR accessories, like stocks and grips. Ruger supplies a folding stock that is excellent, with no tools required for adjustments.

My test rifle came with a 24-inch, cold-hammer-forged barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor, with other chamberings available. Most AR-style handguards can be easily attached without affecting the barrel. The top rail has a 20-MOA offset for large, long-range scopes. Finally, the trigger is crisp, repeatable and controllable.

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