In the upcoming July 2014 issue of RIFLE FIREPOWER, author Martin D. Topper reviews Ruger’s new SR-762, which builds upon the success of the SR-556 series of rifles. Topper writes, “Ruger’s new SR-762 is just about ideal for hunting feral hogs. This soft-shooting and reliable, gas-piston-operated AR carbine is chambered in .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO and has enough power and accuracy to drop a large hog out to 150 yards and a medium-sized one at 300 yards.

“The SR-762 is the latest piston-driven, semi-auto AR from Ruger. Like all Ruger ARs, it’s a solidly built rifle designed for reliable functioning and long service life. The SR-762’s two-stage gas piston smoothly delivers energy to the bolt carrier, avoiding sudden peaks in stress that can promote premature wear. The gas system also has a four-position regulator that allows the user to adjust the cycling of the bolt and carrier to the ammunition being used, preventing excessive wear. The bolt and carrier are chrome-plated for long life and reliability. In addition, the rear of the bolt carrier is oversized to prevent excessive wear between the carrier and rear of the hardcoat anodized upper receiver. Last but not least, the fluted, cold-hammer-forged barrel is chrome-lined and made of high-quality 41V45 chrome-moly steel. This rifle is made to last, and it won’t let you down.

The SR-762 comes with three 20-round Magpul PMAGs, a flash suppressor, a comfortable Hogue grip, a six-position adjustable buttstock, high-quality flip-up iron sights and a full-length, six-sided handguard that has removable plastic covers. Two 2-inch rail segments are also provided that can be added to the handguard for mounting lights, lasers and other accessories. The whole package comes in a handy soft carrying case and has an MSRP of $2,195, which is quite reasonable given this rifle’s many features.

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