Ruger State Compliant AR-556 Rifle

Ruger’s AR-556 is a popular choice amongst shooters, but isn’t state compliant everywhere.

Thankfully, Ruger has gone ahead and released a new state compliant model for those interested.

The new state compliant AR-556 features a non-threaded barrel, a fixed stock with a 13.5-inch length of pull and comes with a 10-round metal magazine. Ruger also omitted the bayonet lug.

The milled gas block is located at a carbine length (M4) position for improved balance and handling. Multiple attachment points include a QD socket for many sling mounting options. Serrations on the angled face of the gas block provide a low glare surface.

The handguards are made from heat-resistant glass-filled nylon for shooting comfort and durability.

The front sight post is elevation adjustable, and a front sight tool is included. The A-2 Style F-Height allows co-witness with many optics. The Ruger Rapid Deploy folding rear sight provides windage adjustability and is a solid, reliable aiming system when coupled with the elevation adjustable front sight. The rear sight can be folded out of the way to make room for optics but can be instantly redeployed if needed.

The 16.1-inch medium contour barrel is cold hammer-forged providing ultra-precise rifling for exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning. The 1:8 twist rate stabilizes bullets from 35 to 77 grains and the 5.56 NATO chamber allows the use of both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. ammunition. M4 feed ramps provide improved operational reliability and the matte black oxide finish reduces glare and provides corrosion resistance.

The ergonomic pistol grip features an extended trigger reach for more precise trigger control. The enlarged trigger guard is designed to allow for gloved shooting.

The chrome-plated bolt carrier inside diameter and chrome-plated gas key inside diameter provide exceptional resistance to hot gases. The gas key is staked so that it will not loosen after extensive firing. A matte black oxide finish on the exterior of the bolt carrier provides corrosion resistance.

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