There’s a plethora of American companies manufacturing AR-style rifles, and Sabre Defence is one of the latest to add their name to the growing list. Originally based in the UK, the company established a manufacturing plant in Nashville a little more than three years ago. While many of their products are war-inspired, Sabre Defence’s management is wisely starting to look past military contracts with a desire to diversify its company’s offerings. One natural fit, for a company that produces war materials, is the law enforcement market.

Photos by Alex LandeenSabre Defence now offers the XR15A3 Massad Ayoob Elite Rifle, a rifle bearing the hearty endorsement of the law enforcement professional whose name should be familiar with regular readers. Massad Ayoob, a prolific firearms writer, weapons instructor and law enforcement officer, has spent his career studying and analyzing the dynamics of police work. Based on his experience and knowledge, Ayoob helped Sabre Defence design a rifle that he thought would meet the critical needs of police work.

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