As part of Safariland’s continual striving to bring the best and most technologically advanced products to market, we researched the marketplace and found a significant requirement for a patrol bike engineered specifically for the needs of bike patrol officer. We’re proud of Safariland’s partnership with Kona USA, one of the world’s leading all-terrain bicycle manufacturers. This has allowed us to enter the market confident in the quality, workmanship, and performance of the product, in keeping with the reputation Safariland has built in the law enforcement and competitive sporting markets for almost 50 years.


More than just a single bike product, Safariland’s goal was to develop an integrated system of products and services for Safariland’s customer with a one-stop-shop solution that allows an agency to supply their officers with the required ancillary bike products such as helmets, shoes, pumps, pedals, hydration backpacks and water bottles. To do this we selected a complement of high quality components and accessories from among the best names in the bike industry, including Shimano®, Bell®, Blackburn® and others.


And finally, this new product line creates synergy with the bike specific patrol related product from Safariland’s core product line, including holsters, body armor and other protective gear.

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As part of Safariland's continual striving to bring the best and most technologically advanced products…