The release of the MN01 Type IIA introduces the Monarch Series as part of the Second Chance brand. The MN01, tested against the .9mm & .40 cal. threats, is an affordable solution that provides comfort and performance within a Type IIA vest.

The MN01 is a hybrid design of multiple types of ballistic-resistant material, accented by Curv® technology and high performance Honeywell® ballistic material. Safariland’s application of Curv® technology along the sternum, spinal cord and lower torso in the armor design helps provide increased blunt trauma protection, while Honeywell’s Gold Shield® is a shielded aramid that increases ballistic performance, along with improved chemical, environmental and water resistance.

The NIJ introduced the Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard-0101.06 to establish minimum performance requirements and test methods for the ballistic resistance of personal body armor in order to improve performance so that officers receive adequate protection against those threats likely faced over the next decade. According to the new NIJ-06 standard, body armor must now be able to defend against increased velocities of ammunition calibers to better reflect current street threats and law enforcement duty weapons. These new performance requirements are critical components to improving the life-protecting equipment being used by law enforcement.

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The release of the MN01 Type IIA introduces the Monarch Series as part of…