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Safety Harbor Firearms has added single shot only models to their acclaimed SHTFR 50 Upper Conversion System. The SHTF 50 is a .50 Caliber upper designed to drop into any standard AR15 or M16 lower, quickly
converting it from a .223 rifle to a .50 Cal. bolt action rifle.

The magazine fed version holds a 5 round box magazine to feed the bolt action while the single shot is a traditional style design. Both actions are available in 18, 22, or 29 inch barrel lengths. The barrel features a slim profile 8 port steel muzzle break designed to somewhat tame the recoil. Optional barrel fluting is available.

All models also have a heat shielding shroud on the rearward half of the barrel. The full size rear Picatinny rail is a dual level design for the widest possible accessory mounting options when combined with the front top and bottom short rails. This allows the mounting of almost any optics or laser system and a light or other accessory. The bottom front rail is perfect for mounting a bipod. A bipod as well as other accessories are available from Safety Harbor directly.

Every SHTF system includes a replacement hammer for the AR15/M16 lower. The SHTF is not considered a firearm under federal law, but state and local laws may vary..

Safety Harbor Firearms is a family owned and operated gun manufacturer based in Central Florida. They manufacture the SHTFR 50 Conversion System .50 Caliber uppers for the AR15/M16 lower. They also manufacture the KEGR (Kompact Entry Gun) Series of tactical shotguns as well as a series of single shot and magazine fed.50 Caliber rifles and .50 Caliber uppers All manufacturing is done in the USA. For more information, please visit or contact us at 727-726-2500.

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