SAM Medical Products’ CELOX-D™ is a product designed to effectively control rapid bleeding from traumatic wounds by using dissolvable bags filled with a blood clotting agent that promotes rapid coagulation. The dissolvable bags allow for ease of placement of the agent directly to the source of the bleeding.

How CELOX-D works:
CELOX-D controls bleeding by forming a robust plug when red blood cells react with the CELOX chitosan-based hemostatic granules contained in a dissolvable bag. The estimated time for effective clotting is about three minutes. The dissolvable bag is highly innovative and is an important advancement as it allows for greater placement of the agent, overcoming the challenges typically associated with traditional loose granular agents, which must be poured into the wound. This is especially beneficial in windy or rainy conditions or in any high stress environment which would prevent correct placement of the hemostatic granules, making CELOX-D a much more effective delivery system.

CELOX-D was designed to effectively meet the needs of our armed forces and emergency medical teams and is the newest addition to the CELOX line of temporary traumatic wound treatments. CELOX-D does not generate heat, is easy to irrigate from a wound, and works on anti-coagulated blood.

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SAM Medical Products' CELOX-D™ is a product designed to effectively control rapid bleeding from…