Sandman Nomad AR-15 Rifle from Jesse James Firearms Unlimited
Sandman Nomad AR-15 Rifle from Jesse James Firearms Unlimited

Jesse James, the custom motorcycle builder and television personality best known as the founder of the world-famous West Coast Choppers brand, has branched out into the firearms industry by launching Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU), an Austin, Texas-based company dedicated to manufacturing custom firearms which celebrate “the history, honor and pride of American craftsmen,” according to the official website.

New for 2014, the company has announced the release of their Sandman Nomad AR-15 rifle. Originally conceived as a “Bring Back” war time souvenir rifle, the Sandman Nomad is chambered in 5.56x45mm or .300 Blackout and has a 16-inch mid-length barrel with a 1/8 twist. In addition, the Sandman comes with the JJFU custom “Skelly” handguard and grip. This brand new rifle also incorporates JJFU custom upper/lower receivers, a Magpul ACS stock, a Nickel Boron-coated bolt carrier group, a JJFU needle bearing 2-stage trigger and muzzle brake, a Fortis Hammer charging handle, an estimated weight of 5.75 pounds, and an overall length of 34 5/8 inches when collapsed and 38 inches when extended.

Each Sandman Nomad AR-15 rifle from Jesse James Firearms Unlimited has a KG Gun Kote finish and is “Authentically weathered for the Ultimate Battle Scarred finish,” according to their website, which gives it that unique look. Suggested retail price for the Sandman Nomad is $3,949.

Specifications: Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Sandman Nomad AR-15 Rifle
Model: SDMN1
Barrel length (in): 16″ midlength, 1/8 twist
Caliber: 5.56×45 or .300 Blackout
Magazine Capacity: 30
Receiver: JJFU Upper & Lower Receivers
Receiver Finish: The Sandman
Grip: JJFU “Skelly”
Trigger: JJFU Needle Bearing 2-Stage
Stock: Magpul ACS
Charging Handle: Fortis Hammer
BCG: JJFU Nickel Boron
Muzzel Brake: JJFU
Handguard: JJFU
Barrel Nut: HPF
Overall Length (in): 34 5/8″ Collapsed; 38″ Extended
Approx Weight (lbs): 5.75lbs
MSRP: $3,949.00

For more information about Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, please visit our friends at Soldier Systems

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