Savage’s Model 10 FLCP-K in .308 is a left-hand precision rifle that offers LE users a sub-MOA rifle for less than $1,000. Shown equipped with a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50mm ER/T scope and Versa-Pod bipod.

A first thought, the precision rifle market would seem to be a prime example of this reality, with high-end custom models built off of production rifles boasting sub-MOA accuracy can run easily into the thousands of dollars. So, to be able to reliably put lead on target in sub-MOA groups time after time, the bottom line is that you must purchase a multi-thousand dollar rifle that has been custom-tuned within an inch of its life, right? Wrong.

savage-model-10-flcp-k-308-cThe left-handed action of the Model 10 FLCP-K features an oversized target-style bolt handle and is drilled and tapped.

Enter Savage Arms and its Law Enforcement Series of rifles. And a prime example of the specialized capabilities of these rifles is the Model 10 FLCP-K, a left-handed .308 bolt-action rifle with a suggested retail price of a mere $893. This platform, also available in .223, offers law enforcement officers a highly specialized precision rifle that won’t break even the most strained of today’s budgets.

savage-model-10-flcp-k-308-bThe AccuTrigger is designed to be safe from accidental discharges through a sear-blocking trigger safety located in the center of the trigger.

The backbone of Savage Arms’ rifle line is actually a simple, arguably unattractive (although I find utilitarian to be beautiful) bolt-action rifle that the company has been producing in one form or another for about five decades. That rifle was the Model 110, designed by a former employee named Nicholas Brewer and one with a very novel approach to manufacturing. Specifically, it prized modular adaptability and ease of production over more subjective aesthetic concerns.

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Savage’s Model 10 FLCP-K in .308 is a left-hand precision rifle that offers LE…