New to the CPX family, SCCY’s newest generation of CPX 9mm pistols, the CPX-2, brings revolutionary design changes to the already proven quality of these MADE IN USA firearms.
SCCY introduces the CPX-2 (9mm) in Stainless Steel Two Tone or Stainless Steel Black Nitrite finish. The barrels are machined from bar stock with 7 lands and grooves having a 16‐1 right hand twist and receivers made from 7075‐T6 aircraft grade heat treated bar stock aluminum alloy. These pistols are custom designed with the comfort and accuracy of the shooter in mind.

cpx1bccpx2bcGeneration 2 CPX Features include:
• Barrel: machined from bar stock with 7 lands and grooves having a 16‐1 right hand twist.

• Receiver: 7075‐T6 aircraft grade heat treated aluminum alloy, machined from bar stock.

• Grip/Frame: Made from Zytel polymer, with ergonomic finger grooves and an integral “RE-COIL CUSHION” on the back‐strap.

• Recoil Spring System: all steel, fully encapsulated for ease of disassembly and reassembly.

• Slide Lock/Release: steel with a Zytel over molded polymer extension for ease of operation.

• 3 dot sight system: steel rear sight, adjustable for windage only with locking screw.

• Hammer firing system: double action only, internal hammer with inertial firing pin to prevent
accidental discharge if dropped.

• Manual Guarded Safety: CPX‐1 only. Newly designed with a guard molded into the frame. CPX-2
has NO manual safety.

• Double action trigger: specifically designed for shooter comfort and accuracy by designing the system to have a smooth effortless, consistent 9 pound trigger pull.

• Magazine: included with (2) double stack, 10 round capacity magazines with finger extension base installed and 2 flat magazine bases included.

• Trigger Guard Lock: custom designed to properly fit and be child resistant. Includes 2 keys.


“The CPX Series delivers the legendary durability and quality of SCCY Firearms at an extremely attractive price. It’s the ideal 9mm for conceal and carry users.” says SCCY CEO and Founder, Joe Roebuck. “The CPX-2 models are another step in that commitment to producing the best firearm for law-abiding citizens around the world.”

cpx-posAbout SCCY.
In 1998 Joe Roebuck recognized the increasing demand for a safe, simple to use, and affordable firearm due to political climate changes and most states enacting legislation to allow conceal and carry permits. Joe Roebuck has been in the manufacturing industry for 35 years, and chooses to use his talents as a Tool & Die Maker and Mechanical Design Engineer to design the CPX series of firearms. In September 2003, Joe Roebuck founded Skyy Industries, LLC now known as SCCY Industries, LLC to produce a conceal & carry firearm known as the CPX 9mm. The company’s first offices and manufacturing facility was located in South Daytona, Florida and as of February 2010 relocated to a new 21,000 sq. ft. facility located in Daytona Beach, Florida, just a half a mile from the famous Daytona 500 speedway.

Contained in SCCY’s new facility are numerous state of the art CNC machining centers of various types using custom tooling and programs designed by Joe Roebuck. The barrel, slide, receiver and all other major metal components are manufactured at the new facility. It was Joe Roebuck’s vision that the CPX series firearms could be both cost effective and precisely manufactured to be as good as or even better than other name brand name products, without the high cost to the retail buyer. SCCY is now positioned to continue producing and developing new designs for the CPX series firearms. SCCY’s success is benchmarked by producing over 50,000 firearms to date. This success continues to grow with the current introduction of the new “Generation 2” CPX series. This year, 2012 SCCY will produce CPX‐1 and CPX‐2 “Generation 2” pistols and expand its national dealer/distributor base to a new all‐time high.

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New to the CPX family, SCCY’s newest generation of CPX 9mm pistols, the CPX-2,…