Equipped with an IR/CCTV/LRF gimbal, CAMCOPTER® is designed to fulfill a very wide range of general surveillance roles without modification. The result is rapid deployment and ease of operation. This is particularly valuable to the tactical commander, whose requirement is for quick and accurate intelligence, delivered in real time, by both day and night.

The Control Station (CS) software is designed to allow both pre-planned and manually controlled sorties, and for the immediate interchange between the two options. Therefore a mission can be switched from general surveillance to a point target interrogation, and then revert to an area search, all at the touch of a button. Only the CAMCOPTER® VTOL UAV System offers this flexibility.

The selection of primary roles will depend on the operational situation, and the commander’s priorities. Other general roles may be in support of non-military organisations or other government agencies or commercial undertakings. With the standard gimbal fitted roles can include:

• General surveillance of an area or route.
• Early warning deployment ahead of an advancing land force or maritime task force.
• Detailed surveillance of a border, river, or permanent installation, i.e. airfield protection.
• Investigation of a pin point target or object e.g. ship or building.
& NBC monitoring.
• Monitoring of a deployment, assault landing, or maritime operation.
• Fire control, target designation, and damage assessment.
• Communication relay – subject to the development of suitable ancillary equipment.
• Deployment of remotely controlled munitions.
• Mine detection and mine field mapping.
• Delivery of smoke, CS gas, or other agent.

Civil Authorities
• Anti illegal immigrant, anti smuggling or other policing activity.
• Observation and control of urban disturbances, or demonstrations.
• Monitoring of environmental disasters, natural disasters, or other calamity.
• Surveillance of large-scale commercial installations eg oil pipelines, offshore rigs, railways or power lines.
• Search and rescue.
• Mapping, crop control, and other geopolitical studies and surveys.
• Aerial photography.

The above-mentioned capabilities and descriptions represent an extremely limited version of what Schiebel’s Camcopter is truly capable of. To read more about this UAV, visit

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Equipped with an IR/CCTV/LRF gimbal, CAMCOPTER® is designed to fulfill a very wide range…