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Physically, it is impossible to conclude anything other than the fact the suspect was pointing directly at the officers,” Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer told reporters.

An impossible shot was made by a Seattle, WA police officer that resulted in a bullet lodged in the cylinder of a criminal’s revolver. This evidence made it clear that officers who shot the man faced a real threat.

The incident started earlier with an argument between the suspect and a female friend. Walking away, the suspect got into a fight with another man, causing local merchants to dial 9-1-1. A pair of officers arrived in two minutes and approached the man near a bus stop. Dispatchers reported that the suspect might be armed but the two officers didn’t see a weapon and discussed restraining him instead.

When the man turned to face the officers, he was ordered to show them his hands and drop to the ground, a warning heard by several bystanders. In an act of defiance, officers said, “the suspect reached behind his back with both hands. Out came a revolver.”

The officers instructed the man to drop the gun just before the suspect squared against them. In response to the threat, officers pulled their .40-caliber Glocks and fired. One officer fired four times, and the other officer three. One of those bullets jammed into the revolver’s cylinder, cracking the brass case and impairing the assailant’s handgun.

Medics arrived and were unable revive the suspect.

— Report By Eric R. Poole

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