Sentry Solutions has developed a fire-resistant solution for law enforcement and military breaching teams; Sentry Solutions Breacher Paste™. Because of the fire-resistant properties of Breacher Paste™, the customary “fireball” is significantly reduced when the explosive charge is detonated, thus reducing potential injury to the breaching team or occupants on the other side of the entry area.

Sentry Solutions Breacher Paste™ works as an intermediate between the target and the explosive breaching charge. It assists in holding the charge to the target, while still permitting precise adjustment of the charge or easy removal of the charge if the shot is aborted. Breacher Paste may be used on all types of targets including wood or metal doors, stucco, masonry, concrete, and more, while working on either wet or dry surfaces over a wide temperature range. For light weight charges, such as blue-board, Breacher Paste alone will hold the charge to the target. For heavier charges such as HYDRO-CUT, use Breacher Paste plus a prop stick to hold the charge to the target. Breacher Paste works well as a replacement for double-sticky tape and is much safer than automotive grease.

Sentry Solutions Breacher Paste comes in soft-sided 5.25 oz. screw top bottles for easy application to targets without contaminating the operator’s hands. It’s an amber, smooth paste with a bland odor and is non-corrosive. Sold only to law enforcement or appropriate government agencies for $9.98 a bottle.

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