The AR platform has become dramatically more than its original fit for 7.62mm and 5.56mm NATO rounds. Some even wonder out loud if Eugene Stoner had any idea of what he had begun when he launched his design. What was once the AR-10 has now become the seed for an entire new generation of guns.

Enter Sharps Bros. and its .458 SOCOM AR build, which is built around the company’s popular and easily recognizable “The Jack” lower. With its’ distinctive skull emerging from the front of the magazine well, it is a unique piece in and of itself.

The rifle won’t be hitting shelves, but was built to showcase what is possible when your build your own, using one of Sharps’ receivers.

Built specifically to launch the meaty .458 SOCOM round, this AR is much more than a plinking gun. The .458 SOCOM is a hard-hitting round designed for real-world stopping power. The product of discussions in the special operations community and ingenious designers, the .458 SOCOM is a powerful fight-stopper.

With their panache for the exotic, Sharps Bros. mixed their outstanding lower with a Rock River Arms .458 SOCOM upper to create a unique and enjoyable rifle.

While ammo may not be easy to find, you’ll come to appreciate the rifle after you’ve fired a few sounds through this creation. It offers lighter recoil than comparable designs while delivering massive downrange.

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