The author takes the Lone Wolf LTD pistol to the range for some testing.

Shooting to Survive: How to Fight with a Pistol is an authoritative resource on self-protection with a pistol and contains practical methods of operational survival that are equally suited for males and females in the United States and internationally. The 600-page 6×9 book has nearly 300 illustrations, over 1,300 endnotes, chapter summaries, chapter discussion questions, index, and metric conversions.

There are eight chapters: (1) Operational Survival, (2) Personal Equipment, (3) Pistols and Ammunition, (4) Safety, (5) Maintenance, (6) Combat Shooting Phase 1, (7) Combat Shooting Phase 2, and (8) Ranges. The book is a professional guide for the armed civilian, police officer, and military operator providing unique training as experienced by law enforcement throughout its continued fight against crime and terrorism.

Shooting To Survive contains much of the author’s training and experience while working as a patrol officer in the crime laden Southwest and Southeast Divisions of the Dallas Police Department in Texas, as a chief of police in a gang and drug ridden community in North Carolina, and as a police adviser and trainer in southern Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

The book is for civilians, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. If you use a pistol recreationally or professionally this book is a must. All of the techniques in the book will work for small or large stature people either right- or left-handed. The book is available on and FREE shipping is available.

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Shooting to Survive: How to Fight with a Pistol is an authoritative resource on…