It was the winter of 2007 when Greenwood, IN P.D. Officer Eric McElhaney activated his lights when he caught a vehicle occupied by two males speeding north. After pulling into a parking lot, the male driver indicated that he did not have a valid driver’s license. McElhaney noticed that the passenger was tense and nervous. He radioed for backup and Officer Jay Arnold responded to the call for backup.

Upon arrival at the scene, McElhaney told Arnold that something wasn’t right with the passenger and the he was going to arrest the driver. Both officers then approached the vehicle and asked the two to exit. The passenger was being argumentative with Arnold and McElhaney came to assist after cuffing the driver. Arnold had the passenger place his hands on top of the car to be patted down. Starting the pat down, Arnold located a pair of brass knuckles after the passenger reported himself being unarmed. Attempting to continue the search, the passenger struck McElhaney with a closed fist and attempted to flee before he was tackled 10 feet away. Unknown to both officers, the passenger had a stolen 9mm pistol tucked down the front of his pants. McElhaney told Arnold to deploy his Taser X-26 to gain control of the passenger as the first shot was fired, striking McElhaney above his left kneecap and exiting the front of his left shin. Both officers jumped off the passenger and fell back to different directions. McElhaney drew his Glock 22 and fired back at close range. The assailant then came to a knee and continued firing at McElhaney, striking him in the buttocks.

McElhaney continued to return fire from the ground. After the same moment, Arnold turned at 5 feet and drew his Glock 22, looking down the barrel of the assailant’s 9mm. Two shots were fired, one hitting the wall behind Arnold and another striking his Motorola radio. Officer Arnold returned fire until the passenger fell to the ground dead. During the shootout, the suspect fired nine rounds, Officer McElhaney fired 10 and Officer Arnold shot 12. Of the total 22 rounds fired by both officers, 19 stuck the assailant. Although McElhaney remains on light duty, both officers have returned to serve the citizens of Greenwood, IN.
— TW Staff

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