Shotguns are generally well suited for police applications. Shotguns are accurate at short range and easy to use, shooting medium velocity soft lead projectiles. Minimal ricochet, penetration and distance make the shotgun an excellent choice for urban areas and close quarters combat. A shotgun has tremendous stopping power, particularly at close range. Short-barreled shotguns are useful in applications where there is a need for heavy firepower, but at the same time the ability to conceal is a requirement.

Executive protection is a good example of an application well suited for a short-barreled shotgun. Most dignitary/executive protective details require that protection is provided to the protectee in a manner that is effective, but not disruptive to his normal daily activities. In most protective situations, an exposed shotgun would be useful, but not socially appropriate. Undercover operations are also well suited for the use of short-barreled shotguns. The firepower of a shotgun, coupled with the concealability of the shortened barrel and shorted stock or pistol grip make this weapon an excellent insurance policy for the undercover officer. Tactical entry teams benefit from the firepower combined with the easy maneuverability of the small size. Short-barreled shotguns make excellent “car guns,” with the shortened size ideal for maneuvering inside an automobile.

Cost Considerations
Compact shotguns are affordable and readily available. Mossberg has been marketing the Cruiser 500 and similar models with an 18-inch barrel and pistol grips for more than a decade. The overall length of this package is only 28.5 inches. This weapon is legal and not regulated by ATF any differently than a hunting shotgun.

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Shotguns are generally well suited for police applications. Shotguns are accurate at short range…