As SHOT Show 2011 got underway with Monday’s Media Day,’s field reporters were on hand to get an early look at the latest guns and gear for the new year…

Media at the range is a chance to get some hands-on, and even live-fire experience with some of the latest weapons out there.  One of the most interesting weapons available was the Vanquish from Nemesis Arms. Taking compact to a whole other level, this system is perfect for urban police units that need a compact precision rifle that can be taken anywhere. Fitting into a small case or backpack it is great for deployments where a true urban environment does not lend itself to crawling around looking like a tree. Chambered in .308, 338 Fed, 6.5 Creedmore, 260 Remington, and .243 Win, it covers most any cartridge a police marksman would ever use.  For more information, visit or call 909-446-1111.

Armalite of Genseo, Illinois, has unveiled their new SPR (Special Purpose Rife) Mod 1 AR M15 rifle, a modular concept based on the venerable AR platform. The Mod 1 derives its designation from the fact that the hand guard is modular in that the side and bottom rails are detachable so that full rails may be attached, or units which are smooth at the rear with half picatinny rails at the muzzle end. The upper receiver is a forged unit with a full rail from charging handle to gas block. Barrel is 16 inches. The Mod 1 is available in 5.56 mm. Retail is $1,439.00
For more information, visit or call 800-336-0184

Para USA was present with their TTR AR15 rifle. The TTR adds to the AR15 platform an innovation Para calls Delayed Impingement Gas System. Instead of the traditional gas key at the front of the bolt carrier, which mates with a gas tube entering the upper receiver, the TTR has an operating rod attached to the top of the bolt carrier, which extends forward into the hand guards and intercourses with a gas tube just aft of the gas block. The recoil spring is over the Op-rod, allowing a side -folding stock to be fitted to the rifle for ease of stowing in a vehicle or elsewhere. The firm claims the DIGS gas system reduces recoil, and an added bonus is that the gases and waste aren’t dumped back into the mechanism in the receiver.
The TTR is available in 5.56 mm with a full top picatinny rail and the option of full side and bottom rails, or partial rails at the fore and smooth surfaces at the rear. Retail is $2,297.
For more information, please contact or call 704-930-7600.

Colt displayed their new modular SP901 rifle chambered in .308 Win/7.62 mm. The weapon has a fully floated 16-inch barrel, monolithic upper receiver, side and lower picatinny rails, and fully ambidextrous controls. The SP901 was designed with the hunter in mind, and, for varmint hunters, the upper receiver group can easily be swapped out for any Mil-Spec Colt upper receiver chambered in 5.56. (An adaptor permits AR15/M16 magazines to be used) For more information visit or call 800-962-2658.

Mesa Tactical is proud to announce the arrival of their new shotgun stock, the Urbino Tactical Stock. Built specifically for those in military and law enforcement professions, the Urbino Tactical shotgun stock has a 12.5-inch length of pull and soft urethane rubber grip allow easy shouldering while wearing tactical gear. The optional adjustable cheek riser, optional Limbsaver butt pad, and variety of sling mounting options enable you to customize the Urbino Tactical shotgun stock to fit your needs. For more information on the Urbino Tactical Stock, contact Mesa Tactical at 949-642-3337 or at

SureFire, a leading distributor of top-of-the-line illuminators and a variety of high-end tactical products, is proud to introduce their new hi-capacity 60- and 100-round magazines. The aluminum body of the SureFire MAG5’s enables an ultra lightweight design for easier carry. SureFire’s new hi-capacity magazines are designed for .223/5.56mm NATO M16/AR-15/M4 platform weapons. A 4×2 quad-stack configuration allows SureFire HCMs to be stored indefinitely while fully loaded. For more information contact SureFire at 800-828-8809 or at

5.11 Tactical has an ever-growing tactical clothing line and is thrilled to introduce their Tac Dry Rain Shell, which is 100% waterproof and mostly breathable with its mesh liner. An abundance of pockets keeps allows wearers to keep them clean and organized, while a new feature, Quixip, allows the Tac Dry Rain Shell to hold the title of fastest draw jacket on the market. 5.11’s Tac Dry Rain Shell is also available in black/charcoal, solid black, and solid dark navy. For more information contact 5.11 Tactical at 209-527-4511 or

EMA Tactical has recently acquired Command Arms Accessories and is continuing that line of products. New for 2011, EMA is producing its own “drop-in” gas-piston conversion for the AR15/M16 platform. Also new for 2011, their RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion is now available in a civilian-legal 16-inch barreled model. The RONI installs over a pistol in seconds, and boosts accuracy up to 80 yards and beyond. The RONI is available for several Glock pistol models, Beretta PX4 Storm, M9, M92, Springfield XD, Sig 226 and 2022, Bersa 9mm, Jericho, H&K USP, S&W M&P, FN-5-7, and others. For more information, visit or call 215-949-9944

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As SHOT Show 2011 got underway with Monday's Media Day,'s field reporters were…