Stag Arms Mo. 3 AR15
Stag introduced their Stag Mo. 3 AR15 rifle.  The weapon was designed as an economical entry-level gun, retailing for a very reasonable $895.00. The Mo. 3 is chambered in 5.56mm and features a chrome-lined 16-inch barrel and carbine-length gas system. Diamond Head handguard may be configured with optional short rails for accessory mounting.  Buttstock is a 6-position collapsible unit with a Mil Spec tube. Both upper receiver and handguard feature Picatinny top rails, and the gas block is a flat-top unit, also with Picatinny. All Stag Arms rifles carry a lifetime warranty, and 85% of production of parts and components are in-house for the highest level of quality control. For more information, please visit, or call 860-229-9994.


Del-Ton DT3000
Delton introduced their new DT3000 Sport AR15 rifle in 5.56mm, intended to be a very competitively priced entry-level gun.  The DT3000 features a flattop Picatinny upper receiver, carbine-length gas system, a pencil barrel, collapsible 6-position telescoping or A2 buttstock, and A2 handguards.  The DT3000 retails for only $699.00, and will be available within the first few months of 2011. For more information, please visit, or call 910-645-2172.


Blackheart International SPR
Blackheart International of Philippi, West Virginia, had their BHI SPR on display, along with two other rifles. The BHI-15 SPR is an AR15 chambered in 5.56mm, and features a 20-inch barrel with a 1/7 twist, chrome-plated bolt carrier assembly, and a titanium firing pin with titanium nitride coating. Receivers are machined from aluminum billet. Buttstock is a MagPul PRS, adjustable for length of pull and cheek riser height.  The weapon also features a Giesselle 2-stage DMR trigger, a free-float slotted tube upon which Picatinny rails may be mounted, a Gas Buster charging handle, a DPMS Panther pistol grip, and Harris bipod.  The BHI-15 SPR retails for $2875.00, and is available now. For more information, please contact, or call 304-457-1280.


Yankee Hill Machine Inc.
New from Yankee Hill Machine Inc. for 2011 is their “Real Tree AP” furniture set for AR15 rifles.  The set is available with a collapsible carbine stock or standard A2 buttstock, Mil Spec pistol grip, carbine or rifle length customizable free-float tube with forearm end cap for aesthetics and to keep dirt and debris out of the hand guards, and 2 customizable rails to mount on the tube.  The Real Tree AP furniture set is available now at a retail of $335.00. For more information, please visit, or call 877-892-6533.


Brite Strike
Among new products from Brite Strike is their Flex-athon Baton Integrated Light. The Baton Light is a collapsible baton constructed from thermo plastic which integrates a powerful LED light, negating the need for law enforcement officers to carry both pieces of equipment.  The tactical touch switch, mounted in the body of the baton near its base activates high intensity light with the first depression of the switch, low with the second, and a defensive strobe mode with the third.  Retail is $222.00, and the baton is available now. For more information, please visit, or call 508-746-8701.

Mega Arms
Mega Arms of Tumwater, Washington, is now producing very well-done monolithic upper receivers for AR15/M16 and AR10 variants, in addition to lowers and handguards. The machine work and fit and finish on these billet components is excellent, and the black hardcoat anodizing much thicker than usual.  The firm also produces lightened tactical triggers. The monolithic upper for the AR15/M16 starts at $615.00, and the upper for the AR10 $708.00.    The uppers, lowers, hand guards, and tactical triggers are ready to ship. For more information, please visit, or call 877-857-5372.

SOD (Source One Distributors)/Ontario Knife
New from Ontario Knife is their Strap Cutter, a tool for law enforcement officers, EMTs, and other emergency personnel, designed to cut safety belts and other straps in emergency situations.  The Strap Cutter is constructed from steel, has a steel blade insert at one end and a slot for a lanyard at the opposite end, and is finished in tan.  Retail is approximately $51.00.  SOD is the distributor for Ontario Knife. For more information, please visit, or call 800-222-5233.
Roadside Safety Supply
Roadside Safety Supply has introduced a flare substitute for law enforcement officers.  (Or beacons for medevac landing) The Duro Flash Flare features rugged, steel, water resistant strobe units which may be placed flat on pavement. The units are rechargeable from both A/C and D/C sources and have an 8-hour run time. The units flash without a switch, and continue to flash until connected to a charger. The Duro Flash Flares come 6 to a box, and each box retails for $200.00. For more information, please visit, or call 909-598-6361.

Benelli M4
In the auto-loading 12 gauge world Benelli showed off their M4 with standard stock in black which includes ghost-ring rear sight, blade front and a Picatinny rail system on top of the receiver for the addition of optics.  Below that was the Benelli Model M3 convertible in black with the optional pistol grip stock. The M3 can be used in both semi-auto mode or if low recoil or specialty rounds such as chemical munitions or kinetic energy impact munitions are used it can be converted to pump action. Not shown in the photo is the Super Nova Tactical 12 gauge pump.  Available in either black or desert camo the Super Nova is available with ghost-ring sights and pistol grips as options.  Visit or give them a ring at 301-283-6981 for more.

Royal Arms Shotguns
Royal Arms makes breaching shotguns and barrels with built in stand-off devices installed for your shotguns in the breaching role.  The front end of a Royal Arms breaching shotgun barrel features holes around the circumference to help dissipate gas and several point teeth on the ends which help bite into a wooden door.  Correctly applied the barrel is directed into the jamb at a 45 degree angle in and down, this disrupts the bolt plate and bolt and prevents secondary wooden or metal missiles from entering the room and injuring someone inside.  The Royal Arms breaching 12 gauge rounds are only available to the military and police. They’ve been in business for a while and you can find out more about their products by calling 805-288-5250 or at

Savage Stevens 350 Shotguns
Savage Arms had their Stevens 350 line of shotguns out, including the 350 Pump Field/Security Combo, which comes complete with a 28-inch hunting barrel and a 18.25 inch barrel that can be used as a slug barrel or for home defense.  The Stevens 350 Security shotgun is available with ghost-ring sights or rifled sights and comes with a 18.25-inch barrel.  The 350 line holds four rounds in the magazine tube and with one in the chamber, that gives you five rounds of 12 gauge fodder available.  The 350 line has a great price point and are well designed shotguns suitable for defending your homestead.  Savage can be reached on the web at or 413-642-4262 to obtain a catalog.


Gemtech Ammo
While Gemtech does not have a new suppressor offerings this year, they do have a new item that suppressor owners should be excited about. Gemtech is producing their very own .22 LR subsonic ammo.  Configured with a heavier (42 gr) bullet that will be stable in normal rifiling and a special non-waxy lubricant to prevent fouling in the suppressor, it will deliver target-grade accuracy with minimal sound signature. Look for delivery to start late spring, 50 round boxes are packaged in 5000 round cases of 500 round bricks. Visit


Silencer Co
Silencer Co has released an update to the popular 22 Sparrow.  Now 1 inch shorter and 4 dB quieter, stainless steel construction makes it suitable for use with .22 LR, .17 HMR and HM2 as well as the FN 5.7×28. Fully user serviceable, the unique Multi Part Containment system make stripping the unit simple even after very heavy use. With the inner two part sleeve containing the fouling, sliding the outer tube off is always easy, no matter the round count. Visit


Leupold HAMR
Leupold’s Tactical Optics division has introduced a versatile, tough and compact tactical optic. The Mark 4 High Accuracy Multi-Range (HAMR) optic has unmatched performance in high-light, low-light and no-light situations. The Mark 4 HAMR is a 4x24mm fixed power optic that offers a variety of advantageous features for a wide range of shooters. A few of the features include the ballistically matched illuminated CM-R reticle, a fast focus eyepiece and Leupold’s advanced Xtended Twilight Lens. To find out more, contact Leupold at 503-526-1400 or

All Temp Tactical Lube Field Kit
This being an un-perfect world, your firearm will not always function correctly when you need it to. Reduce the risk of firearm malfunctions with EMBY Enterprises’ All Temp Tactical Lube (ATTL) Field Kit. The ATTL is perfect for in-field emergency treatments. Whether you find yourself in desert-like heat or the frigid temperatures of the North Pole, EMBY Enterprises’ All Temp Tactical Lube Kit will get the job done, providing instant cleaning and lubrication. The compact pocket-sized ATTL Field Kit is a must for an on-the-go shooter. EMBY Enterprises’ ATTL Field Kit includes 3 dry patches and 3 wet patches in easy-open pouches. For more information contact EMBY Enterprises at or call 800-429-1856.


SOC-C Lightweight Armor Carrier
Since the safety of the American Warfighter is crucial to Blue Force Gear, they constructed a new, lightweight, modular and extremely durable armor carrier, the SOC-C Lightweight Armor Carrier. Fully compatible with the current issue MOLLE pouches, the front and rear flaps are quickly detachable to further cut weight or quickly reconfigure. Feed com cables and/or hydration tubes over the low-profile shoulder straps and through the multiple routing/attachment loops. The padded area, located above the Velcro fields at the top of the SOC-C Lightweight Armor Carrier, reduce the risk of plate induced injuries to the face and neck. The flash/flame resistant back wicks away moisture, allowing for a more comfortable addition of side plate pouches. Blue Force Gear’s SOC-C Lightweight Armor Carrier is available in Coyote Brown and Multicam. Contact Blue Force Gear at or 877-430-2583 for more info.

Lauer Duracoat Shake ‘N Spray Finishing Kit
Lauer Custom Weaponry’s highly successful firearm finish, Duracoat, popularity has continued to grow. It is now available in an easy to use Shake ‘N Spray Finishing Kit. Duracoat is the most versatile and durable firearm finish on the market. The easy, 3 step, exclusive Prep ‘N Spray system makes applying a Duracoat finish to your firearm easy as 1-2-3. The precision nozzle of the aerosol can delivers a smooth, even coating. Get your Shake ‘N Spray Finishing Kit today and never be bothered with rust again. Contact Lauer Custom Weaponry at for more information.


Midwest Industries Universal AK Handguard
Midwest Industries is thrilled to introduce their new MI Universal AK Handguard with MI/US P.A.L.M. AK Handguard Topcover. Available optic specific, the new MI Universal AK Handguard with MI/US P.A.L.M. Handguard Topcover installs in minutes using the provided wrenches. Midwest Industries’ newest addition provides a cooler operating environment for optics. With T-marked mil-spec 1913 rails, the MI Universal AK Handguard is vastly modular. The lightweight, rugged construction of hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum provides an immoderately durable design backed by a lifetime warranty! Midwest Industries’ MI Universal AK Handguard with MI/US P.A.L.M. AK Handguard Topcover is available in a variety of colors to fit your custom AK. For more information contact Midwest Industries at or by phone at 262-896-6780.

J&T Twang Buster
Two small accessories that can make a big difference are the Twang Buster and DSC Winter Trigger Guard by J&T Distributing. The twang buster helps eliminate the annoying “twang” in the AR15 buttstock. Snaps into the spring opposite the buffer. This unit is made from heat resistant Delron, and retails for $5. The Winter Trigger Guard allows versatility for gloved shooting. This accessory is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and retails for $16. Learn more at, or call 888-736-7725.

Leapers UTG Foregrip
Leapers, Inc., unveils their UTG 4.7″ Foldable Metal Foregrip. This unit features a quick-detach lever lock and UTG’s maximum strength combat quality. Machined from an aluminum alloy, this unit’s adjustable lever lock will fit any Picatinny rail. It folds and locks in two positions, and includes a sealed battery storage compartment. Check out, or call 734-542-1500 for more information.

Starlight Cases

Starlight Cases exceed MIL-C4150J testing requirements, which has earned them a large number of military contracts for their wide range of gun and accessory cases. Made from a proprietary plastic, Starlight cases a lighter than other manufacturers’ polypropylene cases, and they’re guaranteed for life… even if a tank runs over them. Their newest model is a 54-inch gun case with hidden wheels. They offer two inner foam types: polyurethane is the open cell type, or you can upgrade to the closed-cell polyethylene. Their gun cases feature solid brass inserts for lock, true purge valves and a patented latch-lock system. All USA manufacturing, Starlight Cases is owned by a disabled Vet. Learn more at, or call 919-965-8643.


Newtown Firearms N-15
Newtown Firearms is a new company staffed with craftsman with over 50 years experience in firearms, retail sales, gun-smithing, law enforcement sales, service, firearms training and manufacturing. Their NF 15 rifle is guaranteed to offer sub-MOA accuracy with a modular, free-floating aluminum handguard machined with a triangular truss pattern to maximize strength, stabilize harmonics, improve accuracy and reduce weight. The unique flash hider with radically spaced spiral slots is designed to compensate for muzzle climb and the hand polished hammer and sear make for an incredibly smooth 3.5 pound trigger. Newtown Firearms is a new company offering an innovative rifle in the N 15. Soon they will also offer the N-15 with a gas block that has over 30 settings allowing you to perfectly tune your load to your rifle. Visit

MGI Hydra Marck-15

The MGI MARCK 15 weapon system, known as the Hydra is the base system for everything associated with the MGI modular rifle system. The system includes a modular lower receiver, the CQB upper receiver and a 16-inch barrel. Various, quick change magazine wells and barrels in various calibers make this the most versatile AR platform available. In all you can fire the .22 RF, .223 Rem., 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, .450 Thumper, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf from more than two-dozen configurations of the rifle. A unique and super quick-change barrel system makes all this possible and the conversions are made at the end-user level. Visit
Steyr HS 50 M1

The Steyr HS 50 M1 is a modification of the companies HS 50, bolt-action, .50 BMG rifle. The HS 50 M1 is fed by a detachable magazine that inserts on the left side of the action, has a tri-rail for the mounting of optics and accessories and comes with an integral and adjustable rear pod-rod in the butt stock. Like the single shot HS 50, the HS 50 M1 can be field-stripped in seconds for easy transport and carry. Visit


Hornady expanded their popular Critical Defense line of cartridges to include loadings for .44 Spl and .45 Colt to meet the demand from owners of the Charter Arms Bulldog, chambered in .44 Spl and from owners of the Taurus Judge, which is chambered in .45 Colt. Each of these new cartridges is loaded with a 165-grain FTX bullet to deliver controlled expansion, even through heavy clothing. For more information contact 800-338-3220,

Hornady has also added a .22 WMR to its Critical Defense product line. As with their bigger bore ammo, the .22 Mag Critical Defense round uses Flex Tip technology to provide controlled expansion. For more information contact 800-338-3220,

PDX Defender .410

Winchester announced the addition of .410 guage, three-inch Magnum shot shells to their PDX1 Defender line. The three-inch shells launch a payload of four Defense Disks and 16 BBs designed to produce maximum protection at short range when used in the Taurus Judge revolver. For more information contact 618-258-2000,


Birchwood Casey Rigid Paper Targets
Birchwood Casey launches another excellent target design with their Rigid Paper Targets. These are made of stiff tagboard construction, with contrasting orange/black on white print. Highly visible at both short and long range, each target is 12 inches x 12 inches in size. Like all Birchwood Casey targets, they are printed in the USA. They come in 10-packs for either the 12-inch Crosshair Sight-In, 12-inch Precision Square, or 12-inch DH Bull’s Eye. Check them out on the web at, or call 800-382-6156.

ATS ST-71 Long Distance Sniper Target

Advanced Training Systems introduces their ST-71 Long Distance Sniper Target. Some of the features of this target system are: Low cost; man portable; and light weight. The unit tips the scale at 40 pounds, with the target area consisting of 3/8 steel plate 12 inches by 18 inches. These targets reset automatically five seconds after a hit. Its built-in power supply consists of a 24 volt battery that can be recharged. An optional remote wireless control is available. The basic model retails for $995 delivered. Learn more about ATS training systems at, or call 651-429-8091.


Super See 200-Yard Target
Super See Competition Targets introduces their fluorescent 200-Yard Competition Target. Packaged in bundles of 100, these targets retail for $19. Super See has been in the target business since 1972, and offers a wide variety of target styles and sizes. Go to, or call 217-522-7575 for more information.

Counter Sniper Unveils 2-16X Tactical Scope

The 2-16X titanium tactical riflescope from Counter Sniper Military Optical Gunsight Corp. is the world’s first in that zoom range, and carries an unconditional lifetime warranty.
This high-end riflescope is forged and milled from titanium or T6061 aircraft aluminum bodies, which are impact resistant to more than 5,000 times the force of gravity. The lenses are the product of a 24-step Bertrillium-Zantitium multi-coating process, which raises the visible light spectrum. It also features a 56mm to 70mm primary objective lenses that offer nearly three times the light transmission area of lesser designs. For more information, call (866) 883-9444, or visit

Horus Kestrel Combines Ballistics Software and Weather Tracker

Horus Vision, a long-range shooting innovator, teams with Kestrel Weather Meters to introduce the Horus Kestrel, the first device to incorporate atmospherics data into ballistics solutions in real-time. This unit integrates ATrag Ballistics with the 4-ounce pocket-sized Kestrel Weather Tracker, eliminating the need for a separate piece of gear. The result is a unit that features five customizable targets, an extensive gun list, and Horus’ proprietary truing technology. The Horus Kestrel comes in olive drab or desert tan, and the hand sized unit is powered by two AAA batteries. Its preliminary suggested price is around $739. For more information, call (650) 588-8862, or visit


Valdada Introduces 1-10×26 MVX-10 Tactical Scope
The new 1-10×26 MVX-10 Tactical offers warfighters and tactical officers a versatile, variable riflescope that’s ideal for close-quarters combat or long-range sniping. This scope has a green illuminated reticle with a red dot at its center. At 100 yards, the MVX-10 delivers a field of view of 29.2 meters at 1X and 3.5 meters at 10X. It also offers 83 to 90 millimeters of eye relief, and parallax correction from 6 meters to infinity. For more information, call 303-979-4578, or visit


Carson Optical Debuts 3D Series
New from Carson Optical is the 3D Series of riflescopes, which offer tactical snipers a wide, versatile range of options for in-close or long-range precision work. These one-piece, 1-inch main-tube construction scopes are guaranteed waterproof, fog-proof, shock-proof. They also feature fully multi-coated lenses, long eye relief and ¼-inch MOA.
The lineup’s flagship is the 3.5-10×44 scope with a multiplex reticle. Other models include a 4.5-14×44 with a mildot reticle, 6-18×50 with mildot reticle, 4.5-14×44 with multiplex reticle, and 6-18×50 with multiplex reticle. For more information, call 800-967-8427, or visit

Microsoft Word - LSO__PR_CRFTripodAdpt_C.docx
Leica Debuts Tripod Adapter for CRF Rangefinders
When strong winds or high-stress situations make hand-held range-finding difficult, Leica has the answer with its new CRF Tripod Adapter, which secures CRF rangefinders to any tripod or window mount with a ¼ x 20 or 3/8×16 pan-head stud. Whether the sniper is using a CRF 800, 900, 1000, 1200 or the 1600, this tripod adapter will help provide a stable platform for pinpoint long-distance ranging. To remove, just reverse the attachment process. There’s no threading, straps, Velcro or rubber bands to slow the process. The adapter is small, with skeletonized sides and ultra-light weight to fit easily in any backpack without robbing space or increasing the burden.
For more information, call 702-524-2052, or visit


Revelation Lighted Knife Cuts Through the Dark
Warfighters and rescue personnel no longer need to hold a flashlight in their mouth or other hand when making precision cuts in the dark, thanks to the Revelation Lighted Knife from Real Avid. The Revelation features two water-sealed, high-intensity LED bulbs that focus a double beam of light around the blade’s cutting area. The blade itself comes razor sharp out of the box, and is made from 440 stainless steel that holds an edge through tough work. The handle is coated in soft-touch rubber for a sure grip when things get messy. The Revelation’s bulbs, batteries, switch and electronics are water-sealed for years of use. For more information, call 800-286-0567, or visit


Brunton Debuts the ‘Restore’ Portable Power Pack
Brunton calls the “Restore” the most efficient, integrated, compact hybrid solar-powered charger available. Its  Internal battery keeps extra energy at hand, and twin solar panels recharge the battery to peak capacity in less time. The Restore is ideal for recharging a warfighter’s electronic devices, whether it’s portable radios, digital cameras, electronic compasses or GPS units. The unit’s advanced polycrystaline solar technology gathers maximum energy per inch for optimum efficiency. The Restore is water-resistant and sheathed in a durable rubberized shell. It measures 5.5 by 3 by 1.25 inches, and weighs 8.6 ounces. For more information, call 307-857-4700, or visit

ATI Introduces Scorpion Recoil Pad
The Scorpion Recoil System from Advanced Technology International features a new material that absorbs recoil’s initial shock wave, the which is the felt punch of recoil. This unique shock-absorbing technology increases the shooter’s comfort while reducing muzzle lift. The Scorpion is so effective at reducing felt recoil that it’s possible to comfortably shoot anything from 3.5-inch magnum shotgun loads to door-breaching load. As a result, warfighters and law-enforcement officers can now shoot heavy-recoil firearms with little pain or apprehension. This also helps shooters reacquire the target by minimizing muzzle lift. The Scorpion is also unaffected by chemicals, load size or extreme temperatures. For more information, call (800) 925-2522, or visit


Mossberg Introduces the Chainsaw Grip
The primary feature of the new 500 Chainsaw shotgun is its unique “chainsaw” forend grip, which provides tactical shooters with added muzzle control for blasting off door locks or other barriers when every second counts.This grip is easily removable for rapid conversion to a standard forend. The Chainsaw also features a stand-off barrel and a tri-rail forend with an integral full-length bottom rail and two removable side rails. Those features provide maximum flexibility when mounting tactical lights, sights, lasers and accessories.
For more information, call 203-230-5300, or visit


Tiny-W Surveillance Cam Provides Remote Hidden Backup
The Tiny-W SpyPoint wireless infrared digital surveillance camera from GG Telecom stores every picture instantly and securely with its automatic wireless backup, the Blackbox receiver, which remotely records each image to an SD card. If thieves or criminals destroy the camera during their crime, they’re too late. Everything has already been recorded and stored on the Blackbox, which can be hidden up to 50 feet away from the camera. The Blackbox can even be buried, if necessary. The Tiny-W camera takes 8 megapixel photos, and transmits them as high-, medium- or low-resolution images. The camera also has three sensors for a seven-zone detection range. For more information, call 514-868-1811, or visit


Dan Wesson
Dan Wesson fans rejoice. New from CZ-USA is the Dan Wesson stainless steel 715 revolver in .357 Magnum with a 6 inch ventilated rib heavy barrel. This old classic features a design that allows for quick and easy barrel changes and comes with a custom hard case with a barrel wrench kit and space for three additional barrels. Other features include Hogue rubber grips and adjustable rear target sights. CZ-USA is also making available Dan Wesson barrels from 2.5 inches to 10 inches. MSRP is still TBA on this item. For more information visit or call 800-955-4486.


New from PTR91 Inc. is a roller lock, semi-auto H&K G3 based pistol available in .308 and 7.62×39, the PTR-91 PDW and the PTR-32 PDW respectively. Both pistols feature 8.3 inch barrels, black aluminum butt caps with a 1.25 sling swivel, flash hiders, and “navy” style polymer trigger group housings. PTR’s .308 model is available exclusively through CDNN and comes standard with a 20 round magazine, however a 50 round drum for this pistol is available from Allied Armament. The 7.62×39 model is a limited production gun and will accept standard AK magazines and comes standard with a 30 rounder. It is also available with a welded Picatinny rail mount on top of the receiver. MSRP on each is $1,000. For more information visit or call 860-676-1776.

Cobra Titan

Cimarron Firearms Company and Cobra Firearms have teamed up to offer their first .410 bore/.45 Colt derringer, the Cobra Titan. This all stainless steel gun is available in a polished, blackened, or satin finish and includes Cimarron engraved rosewood grips, break open single action and 2 shot capacity. Traditionalists can remove the trigger guard for a more classic look. Marketed for self-defense and cowboy action the Titan has a 3.5 inch barrel and weighs a solid 16.4 oz. empty. MSRP is $490. For more information visit or call 801-908-8300.

Baby Browning

The .25 ACP Baby Browning pistol is back, this time made in America by Precision Small Arms. The new Featherweight model provides 6+1 capacity and features a brushed aluminum frame, a highly polished chromed steel slide, gold plated single action trigger and aluminum grips. Included are two chrome plated magazines and a custom aluminum lockable case which is serial numbered to the gun. At only 7.25 oz. empty, this was the original pocket pistol. MSRP is $825. For more information visit or call 970-390-5520.

Sig Sauer P290

Sig Sauer has introduced a new light weight polymer framed double action only pocket 9mm pistol with a 6+1 capacity, the P290. The drift adjustable dovetailed sights are also available as night sights while the stainless steel slide is available in a stainless of black Nitron finish. Other features on the 20.5 oz. pistol include a reversible magazine release, and interchangeable grip panels. Also available as an option is an 8 round extended magazine and Sig’s integrated laser. MSRP starts at $758. For more information visit or call 603-772-2302.


DeSantis Stryker
New from DeSantis Gunhide is the Stryker System polymer retention holster for the Beretta 92 and the Glock pistols. The angle of carry is fully adjustable and the holster offers Level III security with a removable switch to convert it to Level II security. Both model holsters are also available with or without a hood which protects the rear sights and are easily height adjustable. They feature MOLLE mounts, low ride duty and paddle configuration as well. MSRP is $129.95. For more information visit or call 631-841-6300.

Gould and Goodrich

Two new concealed carry holsters from Gould and Goodrich are the Pocket Holster and an improved belly band called “The Body Guard.” The pocket holster features a non-slip rubberized outer layer with a suede lining, is shaped to mask the outline of the gun in the pocket and will fit most small semi-auto pistols and revolvers. The Body Guard is an improved belly band holster made from thicker elastic material, fully adjustable and ambidextrous and with additional pockets for spare magazines of a knife. It is fully adjustable for comfort and fits most pistols and revolvers. MSRP on the Pocket Holster is $17.46 and on the Body Guard it is $50.42. For more information visit or call 800-277-0732.


New from Blade-Tech is the Hybrid series of premium outside the pants concealed carry holsters featuring a pancake style cowhide exterior (available in black or brown) for style and comfort and a molded tension adjustable Kydex interior for better durability and gun retention. The holster fits bet size up to 1.75 inches and includes a full-length sweatguard and additional straps to convert it to inside the waistband carry. MSRP is $89.99. For more information visit or call 253-655-8059.
3-Gun Bag
For 3-Gun competitors Safariland has just come out with a new case that allows you to carry everything you need in one bag. The Model 4556 3-Gun Competition Case id a 46 inch bag with an exclusive zippered pocket that allows up to 51 inch guns to be securely carried in a fully enclosed bag. The case is fully padded, unzips flat and has room for two long gun in the main compartment and for two pistols, ammunition, accessories, cleaning supplies and anything else the competitor need in several outside pockets. The front of the case also features MOLLE webbing and it can be carried using the padded shoulder strap or backpack straps. The MSRP is $159. For more information visit or call 800-347-1200.


Weatherby PA-459
The Weatherby PA-459 was, according to Weatherby, named after the California penal code for burglary.  The idea from the manufacturer is to incorporate all the home owner might need in a shotgun for home defense.  The PA-459 features a shorter length of pull at 13 ½ inches and pistol grip stock for ease of manipulation, an 18.5” barrel, fiber-optic high profile front sight, M1913 rails on the forearm for lights or lasers and atop for collimator sights.  The magazine can carry five 2 ¾-inch shells giving the home defender a six round capability. The PA-459 also incorporates an extended slide release for ease of operation in a stressful situation and a 19-inch chrome-lined barrel.  Weatherby’s website is and their phone number is 805-227-2600.

R&R Targets Saiga

R & R Targets custom conversion of the Saiga-12 was featured by the Harris Tactical Group in their Special Weapons for Military and Police magazine.  Robert Wright from R&R has not rested on his laurels however.  The company’s new design is called the Enforcer.  It features a 13.5-inch barrel with a collapsible buttstock as well as rails on the front sides of the semi-auto shotgun’s forearm.  Robert completely disassembles the Saiga design and then makes it more user friendly by making it operate more like an AR platform and function flawlessly.  The Enforcer points really well with plain iron sights with the addition of a small red-dot it could really smoke. Robert and R&R Targets are good people check them out at or give them a ring at 503-551-7283.


Lightfield Less Lethal Research
With the development and interest in revolver sized .410 shotguns ala the Taurus Judge, Prosecutor and the new Smith & Wesson Defender Lightfield Less Lethal Research has come out with a .410, four pellet rubber buck round in their Home Defender line. The Home Defender line of munitions was released last year after private citizens interest in impact munitions that are not inherently deadly force. Make no mistake the non-metallic rubber slug, double ball and HV Star may cause death depending on distance and where they strike a suspect but they are not intended to. The new .410 load offers those large chambered six shooters the same less-lethal option. Lightfield can be reached via phone at 732-462-9200 or you can see their Home Defender line at


Tiberius, the makers of less-lethal launchers for several different companies had their M4 on display which replicates the look and operation of an M4 .556 carbine but fires magazine fed FNHUSA manufactured less-lethal rounds. New at the Tiberius booth was the Model T9.1. The T9.1 is a magazine fed less-lethal launcher that has an optional rail system which allows the mounting of red-dot sights on top of the receiver. If a larger volume of .68 caliber impact or chemical munitions rounds are desired the rail system can be removed and a large hopper installed in its place. Tiberius HQ phone number is 888.982-2842 their web address is


The highly accurate FNHUSA FN 303 compressed air fired less-lethal rifle sized launcher and the pistol sized FN 303P were prominently displayed at the company’s booth. The fin-stabilized 303 .68 projectiles are available in indelible paint, synthetic PAVA/OC powder, clear, washable paint, inert powder and training/marking. The pistol model the FN 303P is made for FNH-USA by Tiberius. The full-size FN 303 is made in-house and can be had in a rifle configuration or mounted below an M16, M4 or FN SCAR carbine similar to a grenade launcher. Unlike a .68 caliber chemical munitions round the fin design is highly accurate. is the company’s website, phone number is 703-288-1292.


CTC Lightguard

Crimson Trace is proud to announce the introduction of the Lightguard platform for defensive pistols. Featuring a rugged 100 lumen white light controlled by an instinctive activation system, the operator now has a high-power illumination device. The compact LED light head gives the Lightguard a slim profile and low mass, less likely to alter the functionality of the pistol. Initially available to fit Glock, Springfield XD and Smith & Wesson M&P handguns, additional models will be introduced for other firearms. For more information contact Crimson Trace at or call 800.442.2406.


TUFF Stage Bag
TUFF Products, world famous for their QuickStrips and a manufacturer of tactical gear for military, outdoor markets, security, and law enforcement, is pleased to introduce the TUFF Stage Bag. Tested by shooters worldwide, the TUFF Stage bag is unlike any bag currently on the market. Equipped with a unique Coyote Brown Zipper to identify the zipper pocket for the firearm as well as a MOLLE side panel. The TUFF Stage Bag includes a Red and Blue padded ammo carry bag for spent brass or hot rounds. For more information call TUFF Products at 877-883-3776 or log onto


Rite in the Rain
In a world consumed by digital media, sometimes you just have to write it down! From the torrential downpours in the Pacific Northwest to the blistering heat and humidity of a Florida summer day, Rite in the Rain is a patented writing paper that sheds water and enables you to write anywhere, in any weather. Rite in the Rain is able to provide users around the world with an effective means with which to write, protect, and keep valuable information. Using a pencil or all-weather pen, Rite in the Rain insures that your notes survive the rigors of the field, regardless of the conditions. For over 75 years, Rite in the Rain has been the all-weather paper solution for outdoor professionals worldwide. For more information contact the J. L. Darling Corporation at 253-922-5000 or visit


XS Window Breaker
Capitalizing on the success on their rifle mounted GAT(Glass Assault Tool), XS Sights has introduced the WLGAT (Weapon Light Glass Assault Tool). The WLGAT is a tool for Law Enforcement officers who need to breach glass in times of crisis. It is currently designed to fit securely over the bezzle of a Surefire X300 weapon mounted light. The slim profile of the WLGAT will not interfere with the functionality of the firearm or the Surefire X300 weapon mounted light. For more information contact XS Sight Systems at or call 888-744-4880.


Quick Fire Sight System
To meet mission-specific needs, Lewis Machine and Tool Company has developed a Quick Fire Sight System (QFSS). Whether deployed as a sniper, or caught in close quarter combat, the QFSS from Lewis Machine and Tool Company will serve as a back-up reflex optic to engage targets that are too close to employ your longer range optic. The QFSS kit includes a primary base assembly to accommodate the Insight MRDS, an adapter plate to fit the Aimpoint Micro T-1 and adapters and shrouds to house the Leupold Delta Point, the Trijicon RMR, and the Doctor Reflex Sight Burris Fastfire II. For more information contact Lewis Machine and Tool Company at 309-732-9527 or visit

Magnum Research MR9 Eagle

Completely familiar yet totally new, the Magnum Research MR9 Eagle is based on the famous Walther P99 design and offers all of the operating features that have made the P99 a world class police and civilian sidearm. The MR9 has the same striker-fired SA/DA action, physical dimensions, grip contours, and ambidextrous magazine release (built into the triggerguard) as the P99. The superb backstrap contours with interchangeable palm swells, and a three-dot sighting system round out the joint American/German effort that utilizes the well established P99 polymer frame with integrated steel rails manufactured by Walther. The 416 stainless steel slide and 4140 CrMo steel barrel are handcrafted in the USA and the guns are assembled by Magnum Research in Pillager, MN. Offering the same 15 + 1 capacity in 9mm and 11 + 1 in .40 S&W, the new U.S. built models are offered in a two-tone finish. Visit

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