Competition shooters have gravitated to 3-Gun in the past few years for several reasons: It’s fun and challenging, there are a number of variations, it replicates practical shooting situations, and it requires a shooter to become familiar, if not an expert, with a variety of firearms. Plus, there’s all the cool gear. Considerable attention is given to the AR, the 9mm handgun and, in the increasingly popular Open, Outlaw Open and Heavy Metal divisions, 7.62mm battle rifles and larger-caliber handguns. When it comes to shotguns, many shooters leave it for last, but it can make or break a competition.

Loads of shooters started with a lot of gunsmithing and aftermarket products on tried-and-true semi-autos to get them tuned for 3-Gun matches. Today, many smoothbores have enlarged ports for quick reloads, tuned gas systems for fast, reliable cycling and sights optimized for quick target acquisitions right out of the box. Here are some of the best models on the market.

For more information on the shotguns featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Benelli Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition

Beretta 1301 Comp

Firebird Precision MKA-1919


MOLOT Vepr 12

Mossberg 930 JM Pro

Remington Model 1100 TAC 4

Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical

Stoeger M3000

Winchester SXP Extreme Defender

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