Black Aces Tactical is bringing semi-auto to the Shockwave platform, announcing the launch of its new Semiautomatic Shockwave and Peacekeeper pistol grip 12-gauge shotguns.

Available in 18.5-inch-barreled, non-NFA 6+1 and 12.5-inch-barreled, SBS 4+1 versions, the Semiautomatic Shockwave and Peacekeeper pistol grip shotguns use a Remington 1100 base and are custom-engineered in a number of ways. For example, the recoil assembly is relocated. In addition, the OEM recoil tube is modified to accept the Shockwave grip and Hogue Tamer grip. Furthermore, the gas ports are tuned to operate both low and high brass, while the trigger is modified to accept fast feeding.

All of this translates into an exciting semiautomatic setup.

“The Shockwave platform has been nothing short of a phenomenon,” said Black Aces Tactical founder and CEO Eric Lemoine. “We have always felt, and more importantly the customers have always felt, that a semiautomatic version is inevitable. The brass ring has always been a semiautomatic 12 gauge platform in the most compact package possible. We feel that we have created an incredible weapon here.”

All versions of the Semiautomatic Shockwave and Peacekeeper are priced at $949. Black Aces says that, “for a few dollars more,” they’ll install a 6 position folding stock.

“For as long as we can remember, the gun industry has been playing follow the leader,” Lemoine says. “Our goal is to give the customer something that other manufacturers won’t.”

See a rundown of features, and a few tasty videos of these models in action, below.

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Semiautomatic Shockwave & Peacekeeper Features

  • Relocate recoil mechanism
  • Cycles both low and high brass
  • Machine OEM recoil tube to fit Shockwave grip
  • Reduce reciprocating mass
  • Various machining throughout to improve performance
  • Modify oem trigger latch
  • Address the underperforming OEM gas system
  • Capacity 4+1 (12″), 6+1 (18.5″)
  • Choate Tactical Charge handle standard
  • Choate 2 shot magazine extension standard on 18.5″ barrel lengths
  • Features Shockwave Raptor Grip and Hogue Tamer Grip respectively
  • Available options: OAL 24.75″ (12″) SBS, OAL 30.75″ (18.5) non NFA Shockwave, OAL 22.5″ 12″ SBS (Peacekeeper), OAL 28.5″ (18.5) non NFA Pistol Grip (Peacekeeper)

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