Nighthawk Custom just dropped some big news. The company will now serve as the exclusive importer of the uniquely elegant Cosmi shotgun. The Italian-made break-action, semi-auto shotgun comprises a platform rarely seen–a rare breed of form and function.

Cosmi Shotgun

The Cosmi, manufactured by Cosmi s.r.l., comes from Ancona, Italy; the company dates back to 1895. The shotgun utilizes more than 100 hand-fit parts. It features an ingenious magazine tube running down, inside the stock. Part artwork, part game getter, the Cosmi stands apart. The engravings catalog alone will likely leave most shotgunners yearning for one of these classically-styled guns.

Nighthawk calls the shotguns bespoke, with each gun bringing its own unique character like the days of old. Cosmi offers multiple custom touches as well. The platform starts as one of three basic models: Classic (steel), Titanium or Superleggerro. Shotguns come in .410, 20, 28 or 12 gauge. All internals remain the same on each shotgun.

The Cosmi SRL features an innovative magazine within the stock.

The Cosmi brings classic lines in a truly innovative design. The company boasts best quality materials, manufactured in what it calls “an old world-style craftsmanship shop.” You’re gonna want to take another look at this one. Stay tuned for a full review and feature story in an upcoming publication. For even more info, please visit

Nighhawk Custom is now the exclusive importer of Cosmi SRL shotguns.

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