CZ just announced its new All Terrain Shotgun series and we have the exclusive first look. The series revisits the classic sporting side-by-side and over/under, and also enhances their value afield with the addition of some clever modern technology.

At the 2019 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous I discussed this blend of new and old with David Miller, CZ’s Shotgun Products Manager. He also happens to be a world record shooter and avid bird hunter. He explained that CZ’s All Terrain shotguns are made with the same CNC machines and hand craftsmanship as the other excellent Huglu shotguns they import.

CZ All Terrain Details

The All Terrain models come in 12 and 20 gauge, with 3-inch chambered, 28-inch barrels, screw-in chokes, laser-checkered Turkish walnut stocks, and laser-engraved metal. The Bobwhite G2, double-trigger, side-by-side, and the single-selectable-trigger, over/under, Red Head Premier, Drake and Upland Ultralight shotguns got the All Terrain treatment. They also share two new characteristics that will endear them to hunters.

The first, and most immediately noticeable, is the finish on the metalwork. Previously, these doubles wore a very traditional blue or bright polish on their engraved metal surfaces. The exposed metal on the All Terrain series comes finished in an extremely durable, low-sheen, olive drab, baked-on, ceramic coating to protect it from the harshest elements. This tough finish was inspired by hunts in salt marshes where the corrosive atmosphere rusts the finish off blued guns in a couple seasons. All the exposed metal on the All Terrain guns is coated, including screws.

The interior, metal-on-metal surfaces of the actions are still jeweled bare steel. The OD color, contrasted with the traditional walnut checkered stocks, gives the guns some camouflage. Additionally, it imparts an old-school military look to them, especially with a sling mounted on the integral mounting points on the barrel and buttstock.

Game-Changing Design

The second new important feature of the All Terrain series, patent-pending, promises to get more doubles back on the hunt. All the guns feature a Magnetic Chamber consisting of powerful, small, magnets set inside the extractor or ejector claws. These magnets hold the loaded shell cases in the chambers in any position. (The magnets can’t overcome the ejector on guns. Spent shells throw clear of the action on opening in the normal way.) In case you didn’t know, almost all shotgun shells have sheet steel heads that are brass plated.

Anyone who has tried to hunt with a double from a blind will immediately appreciate the convenience and safety that Magnetic Chamber shell retention affords. The barrels of the double don’t require being pulled down into the blind to reload them. Simply break open the action while the barrels are pointing upward. Like all the pumps and semi-auto shotguns, slide fresh shells into the chamber. The shells hold in place automatically while the action is closed. Dave pointed out that with the Magnetic Chamber, “No longer will you bend over in the field to pick up a dead bird from your dog and lose your shells!”

CZ All Terrain Models

Bobwhite G2

The side-by-side Bobwhite G2 utilizes a double-trigger, English-style straight grip, and 28-inch barrel. Built on gauge-specific frames, the 20 gauge is proportionally smaller than the 12 gauge. Barrels come threaded for choke tubes, and it includes five flush chokes from cylinder to full.

Redhead Premier

The Redhead Premier is the flagship of their over/under line, with solid mid-rib 28-inch barrels, a white bead front sight and dual ejectors that kick out the spent shells automatically. The Redhead Premier delivers features not found on another shotgun in its price range. A true all-purpose shotgun, it’s just as comfortable to shoot at a sporting clays event as it is when chasing chukar in the mountains. It includes five extended choke tubes.


The Drake delivers what might be the best bang for the buck going when it comes to over/under shotguns. Using the same CNC-machined action and internal parts as other CZ shotguns, the Drake features a single extractor, 28-inch barrels with deleted mid-rib, and a set of five extended interchangeable chokes.

Upland Ultralight

The Upland Ultralight over/under comes as the lightest of the CZ All Terrain line. It weighs just six pounds thanks to its aluminum alloy frame. A full two pounds lighter than similar steel-framed models, it’s one of the lightest guns of its class. On the exterior the most noticeable differentiating characteristic is the lack of a mid-rib between the 28-inch barrels. Barrels come equipped with a single extractor and threaded for choke tubes. It includes five flush chokes from cylinder to full.

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