ASI Series

Dickinson Arms recently announced its newest shotgun platform, the ASI Series Semi-Automatic. Moreover, the company bills the line as a reasonably priced, reliable and versatile 12-gauge shotgun suitable for shooting sports or hunting.

Dickinson Arms ASI Series Features

The ASI features an inertia-based mechanism, using the fewest possible moving parts for enhanced strength and reliable cycling, according to Dickinson. The system’s rotating, locking head shoots loads ranging from 28-grain, 1-ounce field loads up to 50-grain, 1 3/4-ounce magnum loads. Also, the shotgun handles steel shot as well. Additionally, the shotgun houses the recoil spring in the forend, increasing stock strength while enabling a more elegant grip design, according to Dickinson.

Dickinson claims the shotguns exhibit light weight and excellent balance for all-day carrying afield. The shotgun features a magazine capacity of 4+1. Moreover, barrel lengths include 26, 28 and 30 inches. Stock finishes include Turkish walnut, as well as rugged synthetic options in black or camouflage patterns. Each model utilizes a rubber recoil pad. Meanwhile, a vent rib and brass bead provide the sight picture. Finally, models weigh in between 6.2 and 6.8 pounds overall.

ASI series shotguns include five mobile choke tubes to pursue both shooting sports and hunting pursuits. Also, each shotgun comes with Dickinson’s U.S.-based customer support and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Imported from Turkey, Dickinson’s ASI series features CNC manufacturing processes combined with old-world attention to detail, according to Dickinson. The company claims the resulting gun “delivers superior balance and consistent performance on the range or in the field.”

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