The Dickinson Royal series comprises a fine, modern over-under.

There’s just something about a fine shotgun that grabs the eye. Dickinson Arms announced the release of such a shotgun recently, dubbed the Royal Series Over-Under. The Dickinson Royal features a sidelock design in both 12- and 20-gauge variants, sure to catch the collector’s attention.

Dickinson Royal Details

The Royal Series sports premium-grade Turkish walnut furniture. A hand-removable sidelock design includes an intercepting safety sear and additional pin anchoring. The system comprises a superior gun compared to average five-pin models, according to Dickinson.

The CNC-machined receiver is milled from a solid block of molybdenum chrome steel. Then Dickinson finishes it with true bone charcoal case hardening. The resulting finish looks like a work of art. The receiver comes accented with beautiful hand-engraved English scroll work. The finish, 24-lines-per-inch checkering to the walnut stock and final fitting all comes hand-done by skilled craftsmen.

The gun looks remarkable, but of course Dickinson built it for the hunt. The premium construction features include a gated barrel selector and automatic ejectors. Heavy-duty hammer springs and precision CNC-machined internal components should stand up afield. Shotguns come in both 12- and 20-gauge versions. Dickinson offers barrel lengths of 24, 26 , 28 and 30 inches. Each shotgun comes with a luxurious carrying case and five thin-walled chokes. Whether field or clay, the Royal Series has you covered.

Loaded with features, the shotguns command a premium price. The Royal Series retails for $5,465. For even more info, please visit

Dickinson Royal Specs

  • Available in 12 and 20 GA.
  • 24”, 26” 28’, 30” barrel lengths
  • Automatic ejectors
  • English, Prince of Wales or pistol grip stock
  • 24-lines-per-inch hand checkering on stock and fore-end
  • Beavertail or standard fore-end
  • Length, Length of Pull, Drop at Heel and Pull optional

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