The Escort Dynamax blends gas and kinetic operation systems.

For 3-gun or even high-volume bird hunting, a semi-auto shotgun must run. It’s gotta run a lot. Escort bills its Dynamax semi-auto as able to do just that. The Escort Dynamax utilizes its patented Hybrid Cycling System (HCS), blending both gas and kinetic operating principles.

Escort Dynamax Details

The Dynamax comes loaded with plenty of features. But the innovation centers on the operating system. The HCS combines principles of traditional gas-operated with kinetic, or recoil-operated styles. The resulting system cycles light loads, but does so using less gas. It reduces felt recoil, thereby increasing the cyclic rate, according to Escort.

The shotgun cycles faster, leading to quicker follow-up shots and transitions. It also produces a gun requiring less cleaning. Efficient, clean and fast provide a winning combination.

The entire barrel/receiver group features oxidation proofing for weather resistance. The precision-tooled barrel utilizes Ni-Cr-Mo steel, hard-chrome lined. The bolt also comes from Ni-Cr-Mo steel, hard-chrome plated for long life. it reduces friction and provides maximum resistance against corrosion. Escort also tests each barrel for strength and longevity.

The Dynamax stock combines form and function. A DaSoft finish provides scuff and UV protection, while also improving durability and feel. The recoil pad utilizes elastic material and V-shaped ventilations. The design provides recoil absorption to aid shooting comfort. The Dynamax also comes with an integrated DynaComb cheek piece, increasing comfort and reducing felt recoil.

The Hybrid Cycling System provides a unique blend of styles.

The unique two-piece modular design makes the Dynamax stand out. It comprises a stock/trigger group module and a barrel-receiver module. The design enables full disassembly and reassembly in seconds without tools. For even more info, please visit

Escort Dynamax Features

  • Capable of firing both 3-inch and 2 ¾-inch shells
  • Oxidation-proof chrome plated barrel
  • Hybrid Cycling System (HCS) combines speed, range, and comfort
  • Steel shot suitable multi-choke system (F, IM, M, IC, CYL)
  • 4+1 round shell capacity
  • Accessory migratory plug to decrease capacity to 2+1
  • Steel receiver with 11mm groove for optic mounts
  • DaSoft stock finish for increased durability and soft touch feel
  • DynaPad ventilated butt pad for maximum recoil absorption
  • DynaComb elastic padded cheek rest for ultimate shooting comfort
  • Checkered and ventilated anti-glare rib
  • Manual cross-button trigger safety
  • Detachable sling swivels
  • HiViz fiber optic front sight

Escort Dynamax Specifications

  • 12-gauge, 3-inch magnum chamber
  • 28-inch barrel length
  • 5 chokes included (F, IM, M, IC, CYL)
  • 4+1 capacity (2+1 w/ migratory plug)
  • 50-inch overall length
  • 7 pounds

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