The Henry Garden Gun Smoothbore fires .22 shotshells.

Henry Repeating Arms recently announced the return of a gun reportedly not seen in production since 2002. The Henry Garden Gun Smoothbore .22 brings back the .22 caliber shotgun design for close-range pest control and more.

A Closer Look at the Henry Garden Gun Smoothbore

The Garden Gun Smoothbore .22, built on the Henry Classic Lever Action .22 platform, fires .22 LR shotshell cartridges; that makes this lever-gun unique, providing utilitarian duty patrolling against pest. It also makes for fun shooting.

“This may be a niche product, but it fills that niche particularly well,” says Henry Repeating Arms president and owner, Anthony Imperato. “For the farmer or the gardener, it’s something convenient to keep closet close at-hand to dispatch pests without using a level of firepower that could cause even more property damage than the pests themselves.”

The Garden Gun Smoothbore and its .22 LR shotshells bring firepower to tight quarters or enclosed spaces. The quieter report, negligible potential for ricochet, and less likely ability to penetrate walls and roofs make it a great choice around the home.

The 18.5-inch blued steel barrel lacks any rifling to keep a tighter pattern when compared to shooting shot through a rifled barrel. This effectively extends the range with the Henry Garden gun as well. The firearm also features a 15-round tubular magazine and ash wood furniture. It utilizes a black stain finish to differentiate it from the otherwise very similar Henry Classic Lever Action .22.

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