The Mossberg 940 Pro Series brings Field, Waterfowl and Snow Goose models.

Mossberg announced the continuation of its 940 Pro series of shotguns. Building on the popular JM Pro, the series adds Field, Waterfowl and Snow Goose models. The additions bring three serious hunting guns for shotgun shooters.

Mossberg 940 Pro Series Additions

Last year we brought you coverage of the Mossberg 940 JM Pro. Built in partnership with Jerry and Lena Miculek, the JM Pro delivered an out-of-the-box-ready competition shotgun, loaded with high-performance add-ons. Now Mossberg takes that same platform, brining Field, Waterfowl and Snow Goose models into the series.

The 940 Pro series utilizes an improved gas-operating system, running up to 1,500 rounds between cleanings, according to Mossberg. It handles 2 3/4-inch and 3-inch shells. The shotgun features an oversized, beveled loading port with redesigned elevator and shell catch. The design enables efficient, pinch-free loading into the tube. A new barrel-making process maintains point-of-aim and impact. A slim-profile forend pairs with a user-configurable stock delivers a custom length-of-pull, ranging from 13 to 14.25 inches, along with drop and cast. An oversized charging handle and bolt release button improves manual of arms.

The internal components feature a nickel boron coating, including the gas piston/rings, magazine tube, hammer sear, return spring plunger, and return spring tube. The return spring plunger feature hard-anodized aluminum. Combined with chrome-lined barrels and self-draining stocks, the 940 series is built to run.

Mossberg 940 Pro Field

The 940 Pro Field features a 28-inch vent rib barrel with fiber-optic front sight. The barrel comes threaded for Mossberg AccuChoke system, including Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder choke tubes. Metal surfaces come with a matte blue finish, while a black synthetic, self-draining stock holds up to weather. Stock texturing, sling swivel studs, a drilled and tapped receiver, ambidextrous safety and five-round capacity round out the package. The 940 Pro Field retails for $868.

Mossberg 940 Pro Waterfowl

The 940 Waterfowl comes with a 28-inch, vent rib barrel, fitted with a HIVIZ TriComp fiber-optic sight. The shotgun comes with AccuChoke, including an X-Factor ported choke tube. Metal surfaces of the receiver and barrel wear a Cerakote finish in Patriot Brown. Meanwhile, the synthetic stock comes finished in TrueTimber Prairie camo. The package features stock texturing, sling swivel studs, drilled and tapped receiver, ambi- safety and five-round capacity. The 940 Pro Waterfowl retails for $1,050.

Mossberg 940 Snow Goose

With a 28-inch barrel and extended magazine tube, the 940 Snow Goose is ready for volume–the 12-round tube keeps you ready. The vent-rib barrel wears a HIVIZ TriComp fiber-optic sight. The platform includes an extended X-Factor ported choke tube as well. The 940 Snow Goose features a Battleship Gray Cerakote finish to the receiver and barrel. Meanwhile, the synthetic stock comes finished in TruTimber Viper Snow camo. Complete with all the familiar components and accessories, the Snow Goose retails for $1,120.

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