Stevens 555 Enhanced

Savage Arms recently announced the release of its newest shotgun, the Stevens 555 Enhanced in 16 gauge. Previously launched in 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge and .410 bore, the new 16-gauge variant offers further versatility for carrying afield or flying clays.

Stevens 555 Enhanced Features

Savage says it field- and trap-tested the new 16-gauge platform to ensure the over-under proved light and handled fast. The Stevens 555 Enhanced features a lightweight aluminum receiver that’s scaled down to its specific gauge, in this case 16-gauge. A steel insert reinforces the receiver, minimizing weight while maximizing strength. A tang-mounted safety tops the receiver.

The Stevens 555 Enhanced also sports 28-inch chrome-lined carbon steel barrels. Meanwhile, single, selective triggers get the shooter on target. To ensure the best pattern for the selected pursuit, the Stevens 555 Enhanced includes five interchangeable chose tubes. Also, manual extractors comes standard on the over-under. Finally, the shotgun sports Turkish walnut furniture, delivering a traditional look and feel.

The Stevens 555 Enhanced 16-gauge, which includes a laser-engraved filigree ornament receiver, retails for $879.

Stevens 555 16-Gauge

For a slightly more affordable version, without engraving, the new 16-gauge offering also comes in the Stevens 555 line. Featuring a wood stock and blue receiver, Stevens 555 offers many of the same features as the more embellished 555 Enhanced model. The Stevens 555 in 16-gauge retails for $705.

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