With both color-casehardened and silver receivers, the TriStar Bristol offers a full line of side-by-sides.

For hunters and sporting clays shooters, the new TriStar Bristol line of shotguns offers tremendous versatility. The line includes several different gauges in two different formats, perfect for your next trip afield.

TriStar Bristol Side-by-Side Shotguns

The TriStar Bristol side-by-side shotgun comes in a classic look. The shallower action enhances reloading, while the wider forend lays in the palm for quick shooting.

The Bristol exhibits competition-grade craftsmanship with field-grade pricing, according to TriStar. It comes in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410 bore. Each features a steel frame true to gauge, ensuring proper shotgun handling and weight.

Bristol Side-by-Side Features

  • Auto Ejectors
  • Brass Front Sight
  • Single Selective Trigger
  • Chrome-Lined Chamber and Barrel
  • Select Turkish Walnut Stock
  • Oil Finish
  • 5 Beretta-style Choke Tubes (SK, IC, M, IM, F)
  • TriStar’s 5-Year Warranty and famous customer service.
Two different variants mark the debut of the new TriStar Bristol line of shotguns.

The Bristol serves as a gentleman’s gun, according to a company release. If features a case-color-hardened receiver and English stock made from select Turkish walnut. It retails for $1,064 in 12 and 20 gauge, $1,100 in 28 gauge and .410.

The Bristol Silver features a nickel-finished receiver with laser-engraved details. It includes 24K gold inlay and a traditional-style stock. It retails for $1,000 in 12 gauge and 20 gauge, $1,040 in 28 gauge and .410. For more information, visit tristararms.com.

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