tristar compact shotgun
(Photo by TriStar Arms)

If you’re a bullpup fan, be advised there’s a new one out there from TriStar Arms that might be worth checking out. It’s called, simply, the Compact.

The TriStar Compact is a 12-gauge bullpup shotgun with a 20-inch barrel and 30-inch overall length. Chambered for up to three-inch shells, this gas-operated semi-auto is capable of cycling everything from standard field loads up to 1 1/8oz slugs interchangeably. In the press release, TriStar claims it cycles with “AK-like reliability.” It also touts its “increased velocity” and “muzzle energy.”

In addition, the Compact’s removable choke system uses Beretta and Benelli mobile threads. One extended and ported cylinder choke tube is included. Rounding out the package are a rubber recoil pad; sling mounts; fixed carry handle; and flip-up front and rear sights.

TriStar’s Compact is fed from a box magazine, facilitating fast reloads and easy load-type changes. Two five-round magazines are included with the shotgun. The presser says the gun is compatible with Saiga-type 12-gauge magazines, which means “variety of sources and capacities are readily available.”

“The KRX set the standard for what an AR-like shotgun can be. Now with the Compact we’re raising the bar for both AK-like and bullpup shotguns,” Ryan Bader, TriStar’s VP of sales and marketing, said in the presser. “Home defense, range fun, and law enforcement can now all take advantage of increased power in a more portable package with the TriStar Compact.”

MSRP is $790. See all the features below.

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TriStar Compact Features

  • 30″ Overall Length
  • Full-Size Carry Handle w/ Adjustable Sights (not pictured)
  • Two 5-Round Magazines
  • Flip-up Front/Rear Sights (as pictured)
  • Forward Grip (not pictured)
  • Extended/Ported Cylinder Choke Tube (as pictured)
  • Action: Gas operated Semi-automatic. If the magazine and chamber are both loaded opening action will result in ejecting shell from chamber and cycling new shell from magazine into the chamber. A bolt hold open is located just beneath Safety Lever. To lock the bolt open, simply pull the action back and press upwards on the Bolt Lock.
  • Safety: The primary safety is located on the right side of the gun, just under the ejection port. When engaged, the safety is designed to block the trigger, hammer lever and the hammer, which makes the firing mechanism immobile.
  • Magazine: The Compact 12ga comes with two polymer-bodied 5-round magazines.
  • MSRP: $790

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