The MCX carbine from Sig Sauer is currently available with a 16-inch barrel chambered for 5.56mm NATO or 300 BLK ammunition, and hot on the market is Sig’s SBR variant with an 11.5-inch-barrel chambered for the 5.56mm NATO.

The MCX SBR is enabled with Sig’s Taper-Lok technology, which is ready to accept Sig suppressors, and its short-stroke gas piston system has a two-position valve to quickly adapt from unsuppressed to suppressed firing. The bolt and bolt carrier are nickel-boron finished against wear and tear and to operate cleaner, longer.

To enhance its service life, Sig Sauer uses steel reinforcements on the feed ramp, cam path and at the charging handle latch points. Ambidextrous controls include the charging handle, magazine release and safety/selector. The stock folds onto the left side of the receiver to avoid the ejection port on the right side of the receiver.

The KeyMod handguard slides over the free-floating barrel and attaches to the receiver with the forward pivot pin. Remove the pin and you can slide off the handguard and replace it with another one featuring mission-adapted components and accessories.

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