The name Sig Sauer is as recognizable around the world as is the AR. With the introduction of its M400 multiple versions of AR platforms, Sig moved smoothly into the direct gas impingements AR market.

For those wanting an AR that’s ready to accommodate just about any sighting system, the Sig Sauer M400 SRP 5.56mm fits the bill. The SRP stands for Sight Ready Patrol, as it’s absent a rear sight or front sight tower. With it users can choose which optical sight to slap on the SRP’s forged aircraft grade aluminum flattop upper and which back-up iron sight to add to the upper’s rail and the low-profile railed gas block.

Starting as models similar to mil-spec carbines in many aspects, SRPs have a number of special enhancements, beginning with ambidextrous magazine releases, spring-loaded upper and lower receiver tensioning pins, integral QD points on lowers, beveled/flared magazine wells and a pin inside the barrel extensions supporting extractors in the event of case blowout/separation failure. The right end of the SRP’s selector lever has a small tab providing tactile identification of the selector’s position.

All of this adds up to carbines that can be depended upon to provide the reliability and effectiveness the AR platform has exhibited for the last five decades. Wearing the name Sig Sauer, there should be no doubt. Keep an eye out in a future issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine for a full review. For more information, visit

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