SIG SAUER® has brought submachine gun technology into the 21st century with the debut of the SIG MPXTM.
A truly modular, gas-operated submachine gun (SMG), the SIG MPX raises the bar for reliability and utility. A short-stroke gas piston system allows the SIG MPX to run reliably across 9mm NATO and .40 S&W calibers, and the higher velocity .357SIG cartridge – without adjustments.

The AR-styled lower receiver will be immediately familiar to anyone trained on the rifle platform, flattening the learning curve. The monolithic upper receiver is modular, allowing for barrel length or caliber changes.


The SIG MPX will be offered in four law-enforcement/government only configurations. The standard SIG MPX is a 6.5” barreled, select fire SMG. The SIG MPX-SD is integrally suppressed with new SIG SAUER silencer technology designed specifically for the SIG MPX-SD. A compact variant, the SIG MPX-K, is available with a 4.5” barrel. A select-fire pistol variant with a 6.5” barrel rounds out the restricted offerings.

Consumers, however, can own their own version of the SIG MPX. The SIG MPX-C is a semi-automatic with a 16′′ carbine barrel. The SIG MPX-SBR is a registerable 6.5′′ NFA short-barreled rifle, legal wherever SBR’s are permitted.


The SIG MPX features a collapsing buttstock, to allow for compact transportation, and enables users to fit the SMG to his or her body. A folding stock is available as an additional option. A modular handguard, available in aluminum or carbon fiber, features a 12 o’clock M1913 rail and the ability to add rails at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions, making the addition of optics, lights, and other accessories fast and easy.


In addition to different calibers, the self-regulating gas system allows for completely reliable performance with a variety of ammunition, such as frangible, subsonic or high-velocity. Ten-, 20- and 30-round magazines are available where permitted.


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SIG SAUER® has brought submachine gun technology into the 21st century with the debut…