Maybe you didn’t know it, but SIG is really an acronym for “Shooting Is Good” and not Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellscaft. If this article had been published in April, I could have said “April’s Fool,” but this is how I felt after tearing up paper and steel with SIG SAUER’s new P229 Elite with its excellent Short Reset Trigger (SRT) system that was introduced on a select number of their DA/SA pistols at the 2007 SHOT Show.

sig2.jpgI have always liked SIG SAUERs and was issued a P226 with a 20-shot extension magazine for SWAT operations before adopting a 1911A1. However, I resented the complicated trigger arrangement of an otherwise excellent pistol. The double-action stroke was too long and heavy, and the single-action reset was vague and sloppy. Speed shooting strings of multiple rounds usually resulted in lots of trigger slap. Nevertheless, with practice and some skilled trigger ‘smithing, very respectable times and scores can be achieved with such handguns, as Ernest Langdon, three times IDPA National Champion proved with his SIG SAUER P220 pistol.

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