The new Sig Sauer P290 has dimensions only slightly greater than a comparable .380 ACP and can be equipped with an Integrated Laser Module (ILM) available from Sig Sauer.

You asked for it, you got it.

A sub-compact pistol chambered for the 9mm. With the P290, Sig Sauer has delivered a miniature powerhouse of a pistol in direct response to what consumers have been asking for.

Somewhat unique to contemporary 9mm pocket pistols, the Sig P290 features an external hammer rather than a striker.

Over the last three years, the pocket pistol has become the most popular pistol on the planet. And this has not only been with the CCW civilian market. LE officers the country over have been flocking to the new breed of ultra-powerful, yet ultra-compact pistols that in many cases chamber the same round as their primary duty pistol.

Just forward of the triggerguard, inside the frame, is where the ILM mounts and locks itself to the P290 pistol. Sig Sauer’s Integrated Laser Module (ILM) has been custom designed for the P290 and blends with the lines of the pistol.

This pocket pistol phenomenon coincided with Ruger’s introduction of the LCP, a diminutive pocket pistol chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge. Sig Sauer was there as well with the P238, which weighed 15 ounces and held six rounds of .380. These itty bitty handguns were a hit, and it wasn’t long at all until officers were screaming for a similarly sized pistol in 9mm.

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The new Sig Sauer P290 has dimensions only slightly greater than a comparable .380 ACP…