Striker-fired pistols have been slowly but surely taking over the police pistol market. They offer a number of advantages for officers, trainers and departments. The lack of a manual safety or a decocker keeps officers focused on the basics, resulting in accurate hits. Polymer construction keeps them light and rugged. Maintenance is generally minimal, with reliability and simplicity being the norm—perfect for a combat pistol. As a major manufacturer, offering a solid striker-fired pistol is the only way to remain a player in this market. SIG Sauer has entered that market with an excellent performer designed with significant input from officers, agents and soldiers. The result is the P320.

Priced comparably for departments and officers, the P320 offers a number of features no other striker-fired pistol can. Building on the P250 concept, it is completely modular, allowing for simple changes in size, caliber and configuration. Disassembly does not require activation of the trigger or other levers. The pistol will also pass drop tests with or without a trigger safety, so users can choose to have their P320s with or without trigger safety toggles. The trigger on my test P320 had a clean break and a tactile and audible reset. The ambidextrous slide release is placed in a position similar to proven Sig Sauer pistols, which makes for fast magazine changes with either hand using several protocols.

Take a quick look at this video of some of the drills practiced during testing, and pay close attention to the consistent ejection pattern and the ability to smoothly reload using several methods. Then, keep an eye out for the full feature in the upcoming September 2014 issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, where it is thoroughly tested as a police pistol. Sig Sauer pistols are some of the most proven combat pistols today, and the P320 looks to add to that legacy with flying colors.

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