Tony Caspers from Sig Sauer showcases the new striker-fired, polymer-framed P320 — an ideal duty pistol for law enforcement personnel. Scroll down to see the video.

The P320 will be initially available in 9mm, .40 and .357 SIG, with .45 ACP expected later in 2014. The P320 can be converted not only from a full-size duty pistol to a conceal-carry pistol, but the slide and barrel can be changed out to provide choices of barrel lengths and caliber. Though available as an option, the P320 does not come standard with an external safety.

The Sig Sauer P320 pistol is the new flagship release from Sig Sauer. Developed in close collaboration with law enforcement over the past year, the P320 comes in three modular grips and has a three-point safety system which ensures that the shooter doesn’t have to pull the trigger and disengage the striker in order to take the gun down.

Additionally, the P320 is available in two different trigger variants: a standard trigger and a tabbed trigger. It also has an frame-mounted ambidextrous manual safety and reversible magazine release to accommodate left-handed shooters. The barrel length is 3.9 in/99 mm (P320 Carry Nitron) and 4.7 in/119 mm (Full-Size Nitron).

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