“THAT IS NOT AN AR,” states SIG SAUER President Ron Cohen. Born in the U.S., raised in Israel and serving as an officer in the Israeli military, he speaks with a distinct accent, as if he’s carefully choosing his words, placing emphasis on each. “It might very well be my fault. When we designed the 556, I thought that the American customer would want to use their AR magazines in this rifle, so I enabled the rifle to do so.” He looks straight at me and asks, “When you look at it there on the wall, why do you think it is an AR?”

sig21.jpgSitting in his Exeter, New Hampshire, office, I turn around to a wall with a sample of the entire SIG SAUER product line and consider his question. I think to myself, “Let’s see, it’s black… it’s kinda shaped like an AR… has a flat-top like an AR… a collapsible stock like an AR… has an AR magazine stuffed in the magazine well and a barrel sticking out a long forend that features an A2 birdcage compensator at the muzzle.” “If anything, it is more like an AK.”

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