Sig Sauer has unveiled two new weapons platforms that bring next-gen enhancements to the tactical world—the SIG556xi carbine and the P320 pistol. In the upcoming September 2014 issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, author David Bahde puts them both to the test.

Bahde writes, “Striker-fired pistols are popular with agencies, and they often feature interchangeable backstraps, so one pistol can be configured to fit a wide range of officers. Generally, striker-fired pistols are also more affordable and suffer no loss in reliability. Agencies dedicated to Sig Sauer, or those looking for something similar, had few choices. When it comes to rifles, being able to alter their configurations for assignment changes is huge, as it eliminates the need to purchase new rifles. Sig Sauer has listened and addressed these issues, introducing two weapons—the P320 pistol and SIG556xi carbine—that are perfectly suited to law enforcement and take modularity to new heights.

“The SIG556 platform is proven, reliable and comfortable to shoot. Its folding stock allows for versatility that the AR platform has yet to achieve. I’ve assisted a few agencies with transitions from SIG551s or similar to AR rifles, and ergonomics was the primary concern. Many officers preferred using the SIG551A1 or SIG556, but choices in forends and other accessories were lacking. Listening to requests from officers and armorers, Sig Sauer redesigned the SIG556 to accommodate those concerns.

“The SIG556xi’s upper receiver is serialized, not the lower. SIG556xi lowers are configured to accept AR or AK magazines, and agencies can facilitate moves between select-fire and semi-auto variants more easily. Users can also swap out the barrel, as one platform accommodates various barrel lengths and calibers. An officer moving into a SWAT role can switch from a 16- to a 10-inch barrel—no new weapon is needed. That same officer can switch from 5.56mm NATO to 300 BLK with just a barrel swap. Want to use 7.62x39mm ammo? Simply change out the barrel and bolt, swap the Standard lower receiver with the ‘Russian’ version and use AK-based magazines.

To learn more, check out the September 2014 issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, available on newsstands and digitally May 27, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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