The first thing that tactical professionals will notice about Sig Sauer’s new 7.62mm NATO SIG716 Gen2 DMR rifle is its dramatic weight reduction — roughly 18-percent weight savings over the previous generation — and that’s even with all the improved features.

The SIG716 Gen2 DMR wears a Magpul CTR stock and MIAD pistol grip, and comes with a 20-round PMAG. A 20-MOA-offset top rail runs continuously from the rear of the receiver to the front of the handguard, which is relieved for KeyMod-compatible accessories.

The 16-inch, 1-in-10-inch-twist barrel free-floats inside the handguard for enhanced accuracy.

The piston-driven system has an easily accessed (through the handguard) two-position valve that requires no tools to index between suppressed and unsuppressed modes to ensure that the SIG716 Gen2 DMR will keep running in any condition.

The SIG716 Gen2 DMR features Sig’s Taper-Lok muzzle, which is ready to accept your choice of a Sig Silencer or other muzzle device. Gloved hands are accommodated by the oversized mag release and ergonomically enlarged triggerguard, which encloses a two-stage match trigger.

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