In the upcoming May 2014 issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS, author David Bahde makes the case for using a reliable, accurate semi-auto for a designated marksman rifle, or DMR, with Sig Sauer’s new SIG716 Precision in 7.62mm NATO.

Bahde writes, “I tested one of the first SIG716s to hit the market, and it was an impressive rifle at the time. Now Sig Sauer has made a ton of improvements to the design. The four-position gas system accommodates suppressors. The barrel is free-floated using a nice handguard with several quick-detach sling attachment positions. Troy Battle Sights, some of the best on the market, come with SIG716 rifles. The upper receiver features M4 feed ramps, allowing it to operate reliably with a wider variety of ammunition. A nicely trimmed bolt provides for a tight lockup and smooth operation in adverse conditions. The lower receiver includes ambidextrous controls. For patrol purposes, the SIG716 yielded some pretty impressive groups, and it was 100 percent reliable with several types of ammunition, including barrier rounds.

“Sig Sauer’s Precision model adds a few enhancements. The barrel is a match-grade, 18-inch design with six-groove, 1-in-10-inch-twist rifling. The free-floating forend is also longer, with the gas block located farther forward. The standard single-stage trigger has been replaced with a match- grade, two-stage trigger. The lower receiver also features a Magpul UBR buttstock, which is a bit more adjustable and easier to use with optics. Troy’s Battle Sights come equipped as backups, and all the proven ergonomics and user-friendly features of the SIG716 platform remain.

“The SIG716 Precision provided for testing was equipped with Sig’s new 7.62mm NATO rifle suppressor. Designed for military users, it is lightweight, rugged and built to work properly with this system.”

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