Sig Sauer SIG556XI AR preview
Sig Sauer's SIG556XI

For the 2015 issue of BLACK GUNS, author David Bahde previewed the extensive lineup of AR-style rifles from Sig Sauer. Notable among the rifles covered in his feature were the modular SIG556xi, the SIG556 and the SIG716.

“New for Sig
Sauer this year
is a completely re-designed SIG556xi rifle. Looking to meet the needs of a wide variety of users, it is incredibly adaptable. Stocks, forends and even trigger mechanisms are completely interchangeable. Barrels can be changed easily to accommodate different lengths. Calibers can be changed just as simply with 300 Blackout, 5.56mm NATO and 7.62x39mm,” says Bahde in his review. “With ambidextrous controls and the ability to move the charging handle to either side, the 556xi is truly versatile.”

Bahde also paid tribute to one of Sig Sauer’s most popular AR designs, the classic SIG516. “Utilizing the AR platform with a proven four-position, adjustable gas-piston design, the SIG516 is amongst the most reliable AR rifles on the market. This system accommodates variances in ammunition and the use of suppressors,” says Bahde. “Sig Sauer’s fully supported extractor is provided in each variant. Each SIG516 rifle has a free-floated, Nitride-treated barrel built to military standards.”

The versatility of the SIG716 also caught Bahde’s eye as he examined the rifle (and its variants) for its range and home-defense capabilities. “Sig Sauer’s SIG716 takes the .308 AR rifle to the next level. The four-position, adjustable gas system allows this rifle to be used with various ammunition, as well as many suppressors,” says Bahde. “The SIG716 Patrol uses a 16-inch, free-floated barrel mounted into a solid quad-rail system that’s equipped with flip-up sights. For those looking for some time on the field of competition there is the SIG716 3-Gun Heavy. Utilizing an extended forend and threaded muzzle allows for competition muzzle brakes and other accessories.”

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Sig Sauer SIG716 AR preview
Sig Sauer’s SIG716

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