Watch the video below to see Dave Bahde test-firing the SIG50!

While the .50 BMG was not originally designed as a precision rifle cartridge, that doesn’t mean it can’t achieve significant accuracy by correctly mating a rifle with the right ammunition. The primary function of the .50 BMG remains anti-materiel in nature—even when fired from bolt-action rifles—but a situation can dictate a need for precision at longer range. The situation may also require significant energy on target or penetration, and in this arena the .50 BMG is still the king. Big-bore rifle competitions are gaining in popularity as well, sparking the interest and need for ammunition to match the precision of these bolt-action rifles. One such rifle is the new SIG50 from Sig Sauer.

Designed with input from former military snipers, the SIG50 provides significant firepower in a relatively lightweight package (23.5 pounds). The rifle features a buttstock that is adjustable for length of pull and cheek height, and it can be taken down for easier transport and carry. The pistol grip is ergonomically designed to help you find a comfortable, stable firing platform. The SIG50 also has a 29-inch, fluted, match-grade barrel with a 1-in-15-inch, right-hand twist. The barrel is capped by a specially designed muzzle brake that helps to significantly reduce recoil. Another accuracy-enhancing feature is the SIG50’s crisp, 3.5-pound trigger. The action utilizes a spiral-fluted bolt as well as a five-round detachable box magazine. The rifle also comes with a heavy-duty steel bipod and an anti-glare Duracoat finish.

When you need serious energy on target with precision accuracy, the SIG50 long-range tactical rifle is just the ticket. Take a look at my short video showing the accuracy of this rifle when using Hornady’s excellent 750-grain A-MAX ammunition, and keep your eyes peeled for a complete review in an upcoming issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS magazine, which will include testing the rifle out to 500 yards. To subscribe, visit


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