Silynx Announces Release of C4Grip – the World’s First 2m Immersible Assault Rifle Smart Forward Grip

Silynx Communications, Inc. has announced the launch of the C4Grip™ – a 2m Immersible Assault Rifle Smart Forward Grip. The C4Grip™ is a software defined, intelligent soldier systems enabler providing superior operational ergonomics and flexible soldier system integration via wired and wireless interfaces. The C4Grip leverages the core wired and wireless control technologies of the combat proven C4OPS® tactical software defined hearing protection/hearing enhancement system.


The C4Grip incorporates built-in wireless joysticks/PTT and controls to activate laser aiming devices, personal weapon lights such as the Surefire Scout Light, and tactical radios, thus reducing the switch and cable clutter on the weapon and forward grip.

Smart features:

• Communication and control without ever taking the hand off the weapon
• Wireless control of up to two radios including hear thru and channel/volume remote control
• Wireless control of wearable computers
• Laser aiming devices and personal weapon light controls
• Controls weapon optical sights (optional)
• Smart adaptor for Surefire KM2 LED flashlight head with white and IR output
• Minimizes wire/switch clutter on weapon
• Modular and Customizable Hand Grips
• Laser Engraved Team Insignia
• Built-in Knife (Limited Edition Knife, designed in collaboration with Benchmade)
• Picatinny Rail Attachment

Silynx Communications, Inc. has announced the release of the Micro C4OPS ® – the first in a range of upcoming new products. Expanding upon the success of its predecessor, the Micro C4OPS is a miniaturized and enhanced version of the C4OPS. Built WITHOUT a battery compartment, the Micro C4OPS draws parasitic power from the radio it is connected to resulting in a lighter weight, smaller form factor control box.

The Micro C4OPS design incorporates many lessons learned and end user feedback. The modularity of the 20m immersible Micro C4OPS provides interchangeability with headset configurations including the in ear headset config, covert config, maritime config, and earmuff config. The Micro C4OPS includes a new AN/PRC 152 side connector and enhanced software to remote control the AN/PRC 152 and JEM channels with customizable voice tags. Smart features include built-in GPS for blue force tracking (BFT) with user location read out and auto whisper mode, auto net monitoring, and dual wireless PTT with hear thru and volume remote control.

The system is delivered with 5 sizes of color-coded foam ear plugs and three types of ear retainers to provide a secure fit. Additionally offered are custom ear molds (vented for HAHO/HALO and non-vented). The Micro C4OPS and DWPTT are also available in MultiCam® pattern.

Silynx plans to launch a range of additional cutting edge products in the coming weeks.

About Silynx Communications, Inc.

Silynx Communications, Inc. is a world leader in software defined micro soldier systems with hearing protection/ enhancement capability. Designed by war fighters for war fighters, our products have been developed hand in hand with the Special Forces community and deployed in combat regions for the past

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